Camping Balazuc

Visiting this pretty little village, perched above the river and so typical of the Ardèche region, means travelling back to mediaeval times!

Come and see the little village of Balazuc and journey back in time to an era in which mediaeval ramparts, little alleyways and fortified castles come together.

Balazuc has retained an almost intact reminder of this period of the history of the Ardèche. So come and soak up the delights of this village, which is listed as one of France's loveliest, perched over the river! You'll love walking through its maze of steep little alleyways and strolling around its various vaulted passageways, with their lovely, blue-toned stonework. You can also climb up to the Provence-style tower of the Balazuc's fine Romanesque church, from which the view over the old town and the river is quite splendid!

Camping holidays Balazuc

Visiting Balazuc also means discovering a museum that is totally given over to fossils from the Ardèche region which are many millions of years old, as well as dinosaur footprints and tracks left by the first human beings. Younger visitors will just love this museum too, as activities and workshops involving digging for fossils and casting moulds of footprints are organised by the teams at the museum.

And why not make the most of your visit to Balazuc by stopping off at the Maison des Artisans? This is the perfect place for picking up some souvenirs, including pottery, artisanal jewellery and local produce.

And if you would like to adopt a different approach towards visiting this restored hamlet and finding out all about its ancient buildings, tours of the village with storytelling also take place regularly. A really good way of finding out about the village!

When summer comes, Balazuc becomes thoroughly colourful, with festivals and entertainment taking place on a regular basis, while the terraces of the bars and restaurants come fully to life!