Camping Chassiers

Are you embarking on a holiday at one of our campsites in the Ardèche? Then take a trip into the mountains and discover the delightful village of Chassiers.

Do you know Chassiers?


Chassiers is one of the charming villages tucked away in the Ardèche regional natural park. It is a small place, with just 1,000 permanent residents the rest of the year, but those numbers swell considerably in summer thanks to the many tourists drawn to the Ardèche.

And it’s easy to understand why: with its narrow cobbled streets, old stones and historic monuments, Chassiers is the ideal place to stroll in a lovely relaxing setting. Here, tourists and locals love the simple pleasures of life, such as the farmers’ market held every Monday on the village square.


Did you know?


The village of Chassiers lies at the confluence of three rivers, where the Roubreau and the Lande join the River Ligne, one of the main tributaries of the River Ardèche. Chassiers also condenses the very best of the Ardèche region, with its authentic terroir and southern French landscapes, and the mountains and riversalways within easy reach. 


So, what’s on the agenda? 


Take a stroll at your own pace through the narrow village streets, where you can marvel at the lovely stone houses, so typical of the south of France. Be sure to venture to the village square where you can admire the Château de la Vernade, a fortified 16th-century house that is now home to the mairie, the municipal council offices.

On the square, you’ll also find the Church of Saint-Hilaire, a gothic building constructed during the 100 Years War and a listed historic monument. Most notably, this place of worship served as refuge for Catholics during the Wars of Religion. 


Further south, there is another holy building, the Saint-Benoît Chapel. This Romanesque building is another listed historic monument and is part of the Route of Romanesque Churches that crosses the Ardèche Valley.

Finally, if you’re in Chassiers in early August, you can attend the Night of the Stars events. Observe the sky and all its wonders as you learn to recognise the stars, constellations and planets.