Camping Poët-Laval

Stop off in the Drôme Provençale at the fortified village of Le Poët-Laval, and come and see the amazing castle.

Do you know Poët-Laval?

Perched on a wooded hillside, just 5 km from Dieulefit in the Drôme Provençale, the fortified village of Le Poët-Laval has all sorts of nice surprises in store for you! Between the Vercors and Baronnies massifs, come and see the mediaeval castle, built during the late 12th century by the Order of the Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem. See its huge keep too, and the chapel, both of which were constructed during the first few decades of the 13th century! With amazing views over the Jabron Valley, you really will be bowled over by it all straightaway!


Did you know?

Le Poët-Laval has a specific meaning: the little mountain in the valley. Rather nice, don't you think?


On the menu?

Le Poët-Laval is a mediaeval village, listed as one of France's loveliest, and you'll find all sorts of things to discover and scenery to admire. You'll be able to enjoy a guided tour of the castle and the old village without registering beforehand, an event organised by the association of Friends of Le Poët-Laval. And of course the castle is included in this 2 hour tour, as well as the chapel of Saint John, the Rue du Château and the southern and western ramparts.
Stop off at the Raymond du Puy international art and entertainment centre too, take a seat on one of the three benches facing out over the valley and just take in that breathtaking scenery! Let's not forget the entertainment options that'll be taking place while you're on holiday here either, including village festivals and group picnics. One thing's for sure: you won't be getting bored!