Happiness right at the water’s edge

Just for you, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best ideas for turning your holiday into pure, unadulterated happiness. Dream on…

Solution 1: a holiday with a view over endless blue sea

And what if you settled yourselves here, right next to the sea, just at the shore? Over here, even nearer... that’s it, just there! Isn’t that great? With a pitch or a rental unit right on the seashore, you’ll really be able to make the most of it throughout your stay!

A relaxing stroll with the sand between your toes, that delicious feeling as you soak up the sun all day long, a few strokes for an invigorating swim first thing in the morning, endless sandcastle competitions... And then there are those catamaran trips... and the sublime sunsets you’ll be perfectly placed to admire (and be the envy of everyone on social media). You’ll soon see, being right next to the sea changes everything when it comes to holidays.

No need to get the car out to go to the beach, no set times for bathing... you’ll be able to enjoy that salty tang in perfect freedom!

And note that if you swap “sea” for “ocean” the pleasure is exactly the same J!

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Solution 2: a stay right on the lakeshore

And how about dropping your bags next to a lake? A lake, now that’s a good idea! The beauty of its calm water where the colour changes hour by hour, surrounded by magnificent scenery, delightful beaches equipped with all you need...

And, if the fancy takes you, a different water sport to try each day. A pedal-boat (for a gentle start), sailboard or kitesurf (to skim over the waves every which way and back again), SUP (to explore all the lake’s little islands at a more tranquil pace). Or just be contented to swim, or enjoy the warmth of the air comfortably settled on a sunlounger.

And as for the kids, it won’t take them long to discover the waterslides and trampolines, mini water parks and fun playgrounds around the lake... Oh yes, camping on the shores of a lake also offers that enchanted feeling of having found your own little corner of paradise.

camping lac - les pieds dans l'eau

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Solution 3: a river as your garden

Another possibility and another ambiance: how about a riverside holiday? If you haven’t already tried it then it’s quite simply the guarantee of serenity with a capital “S”.

In the heart of nature, in a tranquil authentic environment, flows a refreshing river... Look! It’s there, just a step away from your pitch or your rental unit! Ready to turn bathing into a moment of total and complete bliss. The invigorating water, the massaging current, that deep-down feeling of well-being when you come out after swimming a few strokes...

The children can build cairns, collect pebbles or driftwood. Or why not gather up the family and treat yourselves to an outing by kayak or an afternoon’s rafting. Quite simply magical...

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