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Camping Talmont-sur-Gironde

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Staying in the Charente-Maritime? Great, that means you'll be able to discover a truly delightful town close to your campsite. Talmont-sur-Gironde awaits your arrival to reveal all its secrets to you. Step this way!

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Do you know Talmont-sur-Gironde? Head for the Charente-Maritime, where a lovely small town awaits you: Talmont-sur-Gironde. Lying just a few kilometres from Royan, on a rocky spur looking out over the Gironde estuary, this town stands proudly looking seawards. It all forms a wonderful picture; one which you'll find amazing.


Did you know? The town of Talmont-sur-Gironde has not won one or even two awards, but three! "Plus Beaux Villages de France" rewards villages with a rich heritage, "Petite Cité de Caractère" is intended to highlight authenticity and diversity, and "Village de Pierres et d’Eau" is awarded to those which are closely associated with water. So you can imagine that it's well worth a detour! Come and see for yourself what makes this place such a success!  


On the program? So how about starting with a nice stroll through the cobbled streets of Talmont-sur-Gironde? You really will find this unusual village delightful. Leave from the harbour, along the route taking you via the ruins of the Tour Blanche to the church of Sainte-Radegonde. You really should stop here for a while to admire the unusual Saintonge Roman style architecture. Continue on through the alleyways decked with roses, and stop at the village square, where you can take a seat on the terrace of a bar. You should then wander down the shopping streets, where local craftsmen will be happy to show you their specialities. Having had a look around the museum, which provides an unusual account of the town's history, you can follow the marked trails among the vineyards and marshes. There are some wonderful viewpoints over the estuary here. So does this sound like a nice day to you? Then now's the time to come!