Camping Saint-Nazaire

Saint-Nazaire is first of all a port, emblematic of the town. But it's also a splendid coastline and an amazing and surprising town, between the Loire estuary and the Atlantic.
This is a place that's known as the Port de Tous les Voyages (port of all journeys), right beside the ocean.

Holidays in camping Saint-Nazaire

Its emblematic port, from which liners and submarines used to sail, is immersed in a unique atmosphere. A real invitation to travel and reach exotic climes! Tours of the submarine base and the ferry terminal take place regularly. You'll also be able to head for the seafront of the town of Saint-Nazaire, which is the perfect place to have a glass of something nice while staring out to sea, or to take advantage of its beach!


Saint-Nazaire is also a town in which green spaces feature strongly! With public gardens, marshland surrounding the town, private gardens and parks, more than a third of the town's area is green! So breathe in deeply; you're in Saint-Nazaire!