Camping Guérande

Guérande is a charming medieval town that is full of surprises. Located between the ocean and the Parc Naturel de Brière, the town of Guérande will gradually reveal itself to you during your camping holiday. Your stay here will be a real journey back in time!

Holidays in camping Guérande

Blue ocean, black peat and white salt marshes are at the root of the establishment of the coastal town of Guérande. Whether you're visiting its famous salt marshes, or just wandering along the history-laden streets of its town centre, Guérande will keep on taking you by surprise.

Capital of the peninsula of the same name, between the sea, the salt marshes and the Loire estuary, Guérande is in the heart of a region in which water is present everywhere; perfect for coming to discover this rare and protected environment.

History will be all around you in each of the old stones making up Guérande's walls, as well as in the fronts of the medieval buildings in the town centre. The remarkable preservation of its 15th century buildings, including the Chapel, manor, Porte Saint Michel etc., and their exceptional condition, mean that Guérande is a town with a rich heritage, well worth spending some time in.

Camping Guérande

During your camping holiday in Guérande, you should visit the famous salt marshes. Harvesting the salt, which is always a spectacular sight, has formed the basis of Guérande's fame over several hundred years. They still use the same age-old and timeless techniques to harvest the salt today. Why not take a trip back in time during your camping holiday in Guérande!