Camping Pornic

Pornic is a small French town in the Pays de Loire, on the Atlantic coast, and is the perfect place to spend your next holiday!
Pornic owes its fame to its castle, which is also the town's symbol, and to its old harbour. It also has a number of beaches, including la Birochère, la Fontaine aux Bretons, les grandes Vallées and more.
With inlets, beaches and cliffs, you'll be amazed. And very close by is the lake called the Etang du Val Saint Martin, which is over 15 hectares in area, and a perfect place for walks together or with your family. Partly shaded by the trees, this lovely stretch of water will be a hit among all age groups, with all sorts of activities on offer, including games areas, mountain bike trails, fitness trails, paths, fishing spots and more.

Holidays in camping Pornic 


And people who enjoy history can come and see the megaliths, monuments built with large stones and erected by Man. The Dolmen du Prédaire and/or the Dolmen of la Joselière, as well as the tomb called the Tumulus des Mousseaux, built around 3,500 BC will take your breath away.

In 1830 the town of Pornic became more of a thermal spa than a seaside resort, thanks to its famous thalassotherapy centre. Come for a walk along the seafront, past some splendid villas, and soak up the atmosphere left behind by its illustrious visitors, including Victor Hugo and Jules Verne. This is a great place for walks!

Come and spend your next camping holiday in Pornic!