Camping Le Croisic

Come and be captivated by the charms of Le Croisic, which has been awarded "petite cité de caractère" status due to its warm welcome and lovely architecture, when you come and stay in our Yelloh! Village campsites. Its rich architectural and natural heritage and its observance of a charter governing how it welcomes its visitors means that Le Croisic has been awarded "petite cité de caractère" status. Setting off for a camping holiday in Le Croisic means you can be sure of great entertainment and a warm welcome. Tours and outings will be an opportunity to enjoy the landscapes and the traditional Breton architecture.

Holidays in camping Le Croisic

So wander through the alleyways of Le Croisic and discover the old town with its timber-framed houses. Then you could come and enjoy some real sea air as you walk along through the harbour, an interesting location which is always very lively, buzzing with people and full of shops; or stroll along the wild coastline via its 7.2 km of coastal path, enabling you to enjoy long walks beside the ocean.

Camping Le Croisic

And for fish and seafood fans, you'll be able to enjoy its locally caught produce, with sole, langoustines, prawns and scallops just some of the delicious options that'll enliven those taste buds when you set off for a camping holiday in Le Croisic. But Le Croisic also reveals other highlights, the distinctive town also being home to 4 monuments with historic monument status. These include the Canon du Soleil Royal, a piece of artillery which is on show in the garden of the town hall, and which was discovered in the sea in 1955 at the spot at which Louis XV's flagship, the  Soleil Royal, ran aground; the boat called the Kurun, in which French sailor Jacques-Yves Le Toumelin circumnavigated the world between 1949 and 1952; and not forgetting the church of Notre Dame de Pitié, which has had historic monument status since 1906.

And finally, don't miss the Parc Régional de Brière, France's second-largest area of marshland after the Camargue. With an area of more than 40,000 hectares, you'll be able to enjoy seeing hundreds of traditional thatch-roofed houses known as chaumières.