Camping Ploumanac’h

A pretty little town on the superb Pink Granite Coast, Ploumanac’h is one of various small towns that are so typical of Brittany! And a part of this region's very soul lies right here.
If there's just one place on the Pink Granite Coast in Brittany that you should visit, it really is right here: Ploumanac’h is a seaside resort that'll take your breath away!

Camping holidays Ploumanac’h

Positioned on the famous "Sentiers des Douaniers" (customs officers' path), which runs along the coastline of Brittany, Ploumanac’h is famous for its rocky landscapes: for 300 million years, nature has patiently sculpted these wonderful pink granite rocks. Some of them, which can be around 20 metres in height, have been formed into strange shapes by the sea and the wind. You might make out a tortoise, a bottle and perhaps even a witch among them!

Camping Ploumanac’h

From Ploumanac’h, the Sentier des Douaniers offers some really lovely walks beside the sea, with amazing views: you'll be able to see the Archipel des 7 Iles or watch the sun gently set over the tip of Ploumanac’h, giving the wonderful rocky outcrops an orange hue. A show you'll remember for a long time to come!

Your stay at Ploumanac’h won't be complete without a little stop off at the Maison du Littoral, where you'll receive an explanation of everything you need to know about this amazing region; or how about a tour of the lighthouse of Men Ruz and the Château de Costaeres? You'll be able to round off your day with a spot of bathing from the beach at Tourony!