Camping Fréhel

Come and discover all the secrets Fréhel has to unveil, including its lovely, protected coastline, its fine sand beaches and its crystal clear water. Located on the Fréhel headland on the Côtes d’Armor, Fréhel has imposing landscapes comprising sheer cliffs, colourful heathland and endless horizons.

Camping holidays in Fréhel

During your camping holiday in Fréhel, you'll be entering a Celtic world with its stories and magic. Legend has it that Gargantua left his mark on a rock here and that the entire Cape is made up of a stone that he removed from his shoe!

A casino, racecourses and a fantastic beach have enabled the town to grow, and to provide all the necessary facilities and shops. You'll also find all sorts of markets selling Brittany produce, little local shops and plenty more.

For your family outings, we suggest you head for the seaside resort of Sables d’Or, which lies 4 km away. With pine forests, sand dunes and the sea, the town has activities and entertainment to suit people of all ages, including watersports, kids' shows, concerts featuring well-known artists, fireworks and more. You can be sure of a wonderful, summery atmosphere!

Camping Fréhel

If you decide to come on a camping holiday in Fréhel, you shouldn't forget to enjoy a walk along its coast and a visit to Fort la Latte, the famous fortification which overlooks the sea. It really is a breathtaking sight! And when the evening arrives, you could listen to the jazz bands which take over the "Théâtre de verdure", which is a bandstand right in the countryside with its own, unique charm.