Camping Sari-Solenzara

Located on the east coast of the island close to the Haute-Corse border, Sari-Solenzara is worth a trip. Discover the landmark town of the Côte des Nacres.

Do you know Sari-Solenzara?

Set on the southern edge of the eastern plain, the town of Sari-Solenzara spans two distinct areas. On one side you have Sari, an authentic village seated at an altitude of 400 metres. And on the other Solenzara, a lovely seaside resort on the Côte des Nacres coast.

Together they form the town of Sari-Solenzara, which appeals to visitors with its diverse scenery made up of coast and mountains, and with its pleasant atmosphere. In contrast with the other towns in the area, Sari-Solenzara offers a relaxed, peaceful setting.

It’s the perfect destination for anyone who seeks the peace and quiet of natural surroundings. Your experience will thus be different from that in the nearby towns and seaside resorts like Aleria and Porto-Vecchio.


Did you know?

Today, Sari-Solenzara combines the names of its two main areas, but that was not always the case. Until 1985, it was known as Sari-di-Porto-Vecchio.


On your agenda?

Start your sightseeing with Solenzara and its coast. Head for the beaches where you’ll find lovely fine sand and turquoise waters. Whether on Scaffa Rossa, Solenzara’s own beach, or on Canella beach, located just 7 kilometres away, the scenery is simply stunning. You can stroll, soak up the sun on the warm sand, and then cool off in the Mediterranean.

You can also visit the marina, which is just as lovely. Take a break there with a nice cold drink or a coffee in one of the bars or treat yourself to an ice cream. Then take a wander through the streets to discover the lovely buildings and the pretty church of Saint Paul.


After exploring Solenzara, venture up to the village of Sari, which will reveal another facet of Corsica. For a start, the views are absolutely divine! In the village, explore the streets and picturesque squares where the stone houses and fountains simply add to the charm.

The village nestles around its central feature, the church of Saint Pierre. There’s a lovely story behind this pretty church: the villagers built the place of worship themselves in the 19th century, using stones which were once part of an old chapel.

Lastly, set off to discover the surroundings which also abound with lovely sights to see. For example, you can climb a further 600 metres upwards to see the Assunta Gloriosa monastery. Another remarkable spot – the Bavella Massif, famous for its ‘needles’, or rocky peaks.