Camping Aleria

Come and visit the town of Aleria, which lies on the plain of eastern Corsica. Featuring lakes, archaeological remains and heavenly beaches, come and acquaint yourself with the most Roman of Corsica's towns.


Do you know Aleria?

Aleria is one of the largest towns in eastern Corsica. It is also a focal point of Corsican history, as it has been inhabited since ancient times. The Greeks colonised the town and developed it during the 6th century BC.

Aleria is very familiar with subjugation, which applies to the island as a whole. Genoans, Moors, Romans and others demonstrate that Corsica and Aleria were being coveted right up until the 19th century.


Today, Aleria forms a major tourist crossroads, as well as an important winemaking and fruit-growing hub. Another significant factor is that it lies close to the mouth of the Tavignano, Corsica's second-longest river.

This is why, whether it is due to its history, its environment or its tourist appeal, Aleria stands out as one of the island's top towns. If you are spending your holiday staying in a Corsican campsite nearby, stopping off at Aleria is a must!

And that's a good thing, as setting off for a camping holiday in eastern Corsica is easily achieved! So, are you ready to book your cottage with Yelloh! Village?


Did you know?

Aleria is known as “the capital of Roman Corsica”, a status earned due to the Roman remains discovered here. Its archaeological museum provides an opportunity to enjoy these reminders of one of the town's most important periods of history.

You could also head for the archaeological digs, where excavations have been and still are taking place.


On the menu?

As we explained above, you couldn't possibly come to Aleria without visiting the museum and its places of archaeological significance. Find out about Roman Aleria and learn all sorts of things about Corsica and the civilisation of the world's most famous empire.

Another unmissable location is the Etang de Diane. This lies at the mouth of the Tavignano River, and is also where you'll find the Tour de Diana, looking out over the Tyrrhenian Sea, and from which there are amazing views. Since we are talking about the sea, the beaches in the area are also certainly worth a look! Of these, Mar’e Stagnu, Casabianda and Padulone are at the top of the list.


The coastline here is such that you can also enjoy all sorts of watersports. With pedalos, sailing and sea kayaking among the options, there's fun to be had by all of you and your family or friends.

Aleria is a leading light in Corsica's winemaking business too. Winemakers from this town produce excellent wines, which are celebrated all over the island. So don't miss a vineyard tour followed by a wine tasting... in moderation, of course!

Perhaps you're more of a whisky fan? Aleria is also home to a distillery which makes whisky and other spirits: Domaine Mavela. Enjoy a tour here and find out about a Corsican product which is still little known.