Camping Ghisonaccia

Discover the delightful town of Ghisonaccia, in eastern Corsica. Make the most of its perfect location on the Island of Beauty, on the border between Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. So book your camping holiday in Ghisonaccia now!

Do you know Ghisonaccia?

The town of Ghisonaccia, in eastern Corsica, is one of the island's top camping holiday destinations. While it may originally just have been a special location with regard to transhumance, or livestock grazing, it ended up expanding. This was initially down to farming during the 1960s, after which it turned into a genuinely key location for holidays on Corsica. And then later, with the boom in camping in Ghisonaccia, drawing more and more people each year.


As a nature destination, Ghisonaccia is just the place for those of us looking for some tranquillity. And it's also just the place for immersing yourself in some Corsican authenticity. Stroll around the centre and mingle with the locals. Head for the market and treat yourself to some of the local Corsican produce.


And though Ghisonaccia is located in Haute-Corse, it is also close to the Corse-du-Sud department. When you spend some time camping in Ghisonaccia, you'll be able to visit the loveliest locations in the eastern parts of both.


Did you know?

Though it is a relatively small place, there are some well-known names originating from Ghisonaccia, including footballer Sébastien Squillaci, who used to play for France. Resistance hero Toussaint Griffi was also born here, as was Nicolas Bonaventure, more familiar to us under his stage name of Cartman.


And who knows, perhaps you'll bump into a future sports star, politician or actor!


On the menu?

First, you could have a wander around to find out about its heritage. Among the most unmissables are the church of Saint-Michel. Deemed one of Corsica's most important places of worship, here you'll be able to enjoy various neo-Byzantine artworks.


The other area of particular interest when camping in Ghisonaccia is nature. Head for the forest of Pinia and wander around the characteristically Mediterranean plants and trees. There are various routes available to choose from, all of which are colour-coded.


Another curious feature with which to acquaint yourself is the Pistacia Lentiscus, otherwise known as the mastic tree. This is located in the hamlet of Gattone, Ghisonaccia, and found itself being talked about when, in 2011, it won the Tree of the Year award. Similarly, the Arburacellu cork oak was voted France's loveliest tree.


And finally, there is the surrounding area to explore. Among other things, come and see the lakes that abound here, including Urbinu and Salé. These are characteristically Mediterranean, and are testament to the island's natural riches.
With regard to cultural matters, the Roman town of Aleria is a must-see. Featuring its Roman remains and a museum, immerse yourself in the earliest moments of Corsica's history, when the Roman Empire held sway over what used to be known as Mare Nostrum.



What are the activities on offer in Ghisonaccia and its surroundings?

  • Visit the Aléria Valley from Ghisonaccia
  • Enjoy the soft sandy beaches
  • Discover the Alzitone reservoir
  • Make your first parachute jump
  • Go hiking in the surrounding area
  • Go canyoning and climbing in the Fiumorbu canyon
  • Discover the local specialities and the wines of the terroir

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Ghisonaccia?

  • Arinella di Pinia
  • Vignale beach
  • Casabianda beach

Which are the most beautiful lakes, lagoons and rivers in Ghisonaccia and its surroundings?

  • The Alzitone reservoir
  • Urbino Lake
  • The étang del Salé and étang de Diane coastal lagoons in Aléria
  • The Fiumorbo river and especially its canyon in San-Gavino-di-Fiumorbo
  • The étang de Palo coastal lagoon in Ventiseri
  • The Trou du Diable (or Devil’s Hole) natural pool in Prunelli-di-Fiumorbo
  • U Saltarucciu stream in Poggio-di-Nazza

What are the Corsican specialities that you simply must try during a camping holiday in Ghisonaccia?

As on the rest of Island of Beauty, you’ll find the signature Corsican specialities such as cured meats – coppa, figatellu, saucisson, lonzu and panzetta – and some excellent cheeses, like brocciu and tomme, the star products.

As well as these mouthwatering delicacies, you should also try the sciacci di patati, the local potato tarts. They are often served with ewe’s cheese.

For the main course, seafood is highly popular, especially in aziminu, a soup often compared to Provence’s bouillabaisse, since it also includes rock fish cooked in a broth flavoured with herbs and Corsican olive oil. Delectable! If you’re a meat eater, wild boar stew is highly sought after on the island and definitely worth a taste.

To accompany all of this, sample the local wines – to be enjoyed in moderation, of course! You’ll find red, white and rosé AOP, IGP and VSIG (table) wines, made using the island’s characteristic grape varieties. There’s something to suit every taste!

For a sweet touch, the canistrelli (crunchy biscuits) and fiadone (a soft, light cake) are a must at the end of any meal. Meanwhile, if you enjoy a digestif, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Myrtle, arbutus, chestnut, citron or limoncinu liqueurs will round off a meal in style.