Camping Corte

Right in the heart of the Corsican mountains, choose a holiday in Corte, a town full of character with unique and imposing landscapes.

Right in the centre the island of Corsica, just 50 km south of Bastia, come and discover Corte, Corsica's erstwhile capital town and cultural centre, the landscapes of which are quite different from the beaches of the coast! Indeed Corte is a long way away from the sea, but is very popular among holidaymakers.
So come and discover the festive atmosphere of this village with its authentic charm. Nestled in the heart of the mountains and with its houses built from schist, Corte is a town full of character with some unmissable locations which include its citadel, the Corsican museum and the St Croix chapel.

Camping holidays Corte

But above all Corte has a simply amazing natural heritage which you must come and discover during the hikes you'll enjoy here. The perfect destination for sports lovers and for those who enjoy the countryside, when you set off for a camping holiday in Corte, you'll be surrounded by the countryside and mountain landscapes. With forests, lakes, gorges and little valleys, you'll be able to enjoy hiking and whitewater sports, or simply bathing in the fresh water. The glacier valley of la Restonica is a remarkable natural area where you will be dazzled by the crystal-clear water flowing through the wonderful gorges. Here, you can set off hiking to the two high-altitude lakes: Melu, at an altitude of 1,711 m, and Capitellu, at 1,930 m. Some fantastic landscapes await you!

You'll also be able to travel through the Tavignano valley on foot or on horseback, a perfect location for walking or bathing.
In Corte, you'll be entering the mountainous heart of Corsica, where you'll discover its unique landscapes!