A holiday in shades of green

School might be out, but there’s still so much to discover! And as the kids adore nothing better than learning whilst having fun, Yelloh! Village offers plenty of fabulous farm campsites that they’re certain to love...

Just wait and see, even before they’ve had breakfast, the children will be off to say hi! to the goats. For lunch they’ll find the tomatoes from the garden totally delicious. For tea-time, they can even pick their own strawberries. And of course, in the afternoon it’s time to visit the rabbits... All without leaving the campsite! Truly fit for a king, no? Perhaps you didn’t know, but there are Yelloh! Village campsites that have their own mini farms and vegetable gardens! So for your next holiday, your nearest neighbours might be... French beans, cauliflowers or goats.

Of course, your kids know all about fruit and vegetables. But do they actually know how they grow, at what time of year and what the plants look like? One thing is certain, you’re going to love seeing the surprised look on their faces. Oh! Cherry tomatoes don’t grow in punnets? What? Peas sleep soundly in their little sleeping bags before we wake them up to eat them?! So for young and old, the campsite will become a holiday workbook as large as life and twice as natural...

To find the Yelloh! Village campsites with a vegetable garden or mini farm, come this way:

See the 9 campsites

Fun games based around the vegetable garden

Feel and guess


The child closes their eyes, you put a fruit or vegetable in their hands. They can feel and smell it, but not taste it... what is it?

Who am I?

One of the players chooses a vegetable or fruit. The others have to guess what it is by asking questions. The first player can only reply by yes or no.

Version no. 2: the player has to describe the fruit or vegetable and the other players have to guess what it is.

An even funnier version (for the older children): the player has to mime the fruit or vegetable!

Treasure hunt

With the agreement of the campsite manager you could think up a treasure hunt around the vegetable garden and those areas planted with the trees and flowers... The clues are hidden under leaves, on the tree trunks, under a stone.

Puzzles, riddles, coded messages, over to you and your imagination to make the quest exhilarating! The treasure: a gorgeous fruit salad!?

Flavours and colours

The parents give the colour and a clue as to the flavour, the child has to guess which fruit or vegetable it is.

For example : slightly sweet but eaten as savoury + orange = a carrot! Acid, sour + yellow = a lemon. Melt-in-the-mouth + green = a courgette!