Camping Vic-Fezensac

Enjoy a camping holiday with your family or friends in Vic Fezensac!
In the heart of Gers, the small town of Vic Fezensac holds some big surprises in store for you! Its location is a highly-prized one as it is halfway between Toulouse and Bayonne, so many people stop off here.

Holidays in camping Vic Fezensac

During your camping holiday in Vic Fezensac, you can take a trip back in time through the town and its various buildings. A distinguishing feature of the town is that it was built around two centres, in the form of an ellipse. In fact this arrangement is a reflection of the rivalry between two powers during the Middle Ages: the Church and the feudal system. Of 25 religious buildings, only three have survived both the barbarian attacks and the ravages of time: the church of Saint Pierre, the Chapelle du Cimetière and the Chapelle des Cordeliers.

And while the town of Vic Fezensac is a place full of historic remains, its inhabitants don't miss any opportunities for a party. The most famous of these, the féria de Pentecôte brings renewed life to the village. With brass bands, drinks and bullfighting, put on that party gear for a wild holiday! In the Joseph Fourniol arenas, you can come and enjoy a corrida for some real thrills. Or why not come and dance the salsa during the Tempo Latino festival during July!

The town also has all sorts of culinary specialities, such as foie gras, Armagnac and garbure (stew) adding a gastronomic touch to your holiday.

This is a small town with a big heart, and your camping holiday in Vic Fezensac will hold all sorts of surprises for you. You'll leave feeling that much better and with a head crammed full of great memories.