Camping Marciac

Wonderful food, great lifestyle, historic heritage, culture, jazz festival and more! Lots of good reasons to come camping in Marciac. My first is a town that is known all over the world for its jazz festival. My second is located in the heart of the hills and valleys of Gers. My third is a town between Garonne, the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, where you can breathe that fresh air deeply or travel back in time when you trace its past. And my all, of course, is the town of Marciac!

Holidays in camping Marciac

Above all, Marciac is about lifestyle, with its wonderful environment including a lake surrounded by the green hills of Gers, all sorts of hiking trails for really enjoying the Pyrenees and much more besides.

Marciac is also a town with a history that goes back nearly a thousand years. From the imposing ramparts to the wide central square, which is popular with all sorts of musicians, the very soul of the town is visible everywhere.

During your camping holiday in Marciac, you really shouldn't miss the opportunity to experience what it is known all over the world for: the jazz festival.

Camping Marciac

Every year, for 3 weeks from the end of July until the middle of August, Marciac turns into the world's capital of jazz and welcomes more than 200,000 visitors. The town's central square and its medieval streets are taken over by some of the world's biggest names in jazz, and people who enjoy this kind of music as well as those who are simply curious come and enjoy the concerts, some of which are free and some of which have an entrance fee. You certainly won't regret choosing a camping holiday in Marciac!