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Avignon, the City of the Popes, famous for its theatrical tradition, is an exceptional city. Come and discover this superb destination!

Avignon is a city of culture, with a world-famous theatre festival and all sorts of museums. Inside, you'll find paintings from the Middle Ages, contemporary artworks and some of the finest works of the Impressionists. History buffs, meanwhile, will find out about the fabulous items dating back to prehistory and ancient times. Maybe you'll also have the opportunity to see some theatre during Avignon's festival? This is certainly one of the world's biggest performing arts festivals.
And you mustn't leave Avignon without having stopped by at Les Halles, which is a huge, covered Provencal market. Perhaps you'll take a souvenir bottle of Côtes du Rhône away with you?

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You'll discover the city of Avignon as you would when you turn the pages of a history book! Climb the ramparts that surround the old town and take a trip back in time as you walk among the 17th and 18th century mansions and the cobbled alleyways of the town centre. Choose a table on a terrace on Place des Corps Saints, beneath the plane trees, or have your photo taken in the unexpected alcove that's found in Rue Peyrolerie. In the heart of the old town, the lavish Palais des Papes harks back to the era during which Avignon was home to the popes during the 14th century.
This magnificent Gothic palace, the largest of its kind in the world, houses some handsome frescoes and other splendid items. Visiting the palace will form a totally unmissable part of your time in Avignon!
The city of Avignon is also famous for its bridge, which is known about all over the world. In days gone by it connected the two banks of the River Rhône. So whether you're with a guide or not, you should allow a while for finding out about its legends and history.