Camping Château-Châlon

Welcome to one of France's loveliest villages! With its amazing views and its famous wine, you'll find Château-Chalon bewitching! Perched like a jewel beside the Revermont region, Château-Châlon is a place from which to enjoy amazing views over the landscapes of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the plain of la Bresse and the Seille Valley, from the top of the cliff on which it lies.

Camping holidays Château-Châlon

Come and enjoy a visit to Château-Châlon and discover some of the region's fantastic steephead valleys known as reculées: Baume-les-Messieurs is certainly one that's worth a look!

You'll also be able to enjoy a stroll through the streets of this ancient and unusual village, and visit the former cheesemaker's  and the church of Saint Pierre, before entering the cultural hub of the Ecole d’Autrefois, where you'll enjoy a real journey back in time to the days of our great-grandparents.


Camping Château-Châlon

Château-Châlon is also famous for its highly-renowned Vin Jaune, said to be one of the world's best. Since the Middle Ages, this delicious and remarkable wine has been produced using a special method. Come and find out about it and try some of this delicious beverage. A concentrated dose of the Jura region in a glass! And you'll be able to return home with some delicious souvenirs in your luggage! Try some of the region's other wines while you're here too, which include Côtes du Jura, Crémant and Macvin. There's something for everyone! There's also an interactive museum given over to these regional flavours and products.