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A land of legends and heritage, in the heart of the Bresse Bourguignonne region, Louhans has what it takes to win you over! Less than 50 km from Mâcon, between the banks of the Saône and the foothills of the Jura, Louhans is a top location for a stop off during your camping holidays in Burgundy!

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Camping holidays Louhans

Louhans is a land of heritage that is certainly worth a detour: come and visit the former hospital of the Hôtel-Dieu de Louhans! You'll be able to see its old pharmacy, with its splendid earthenware containers, or put a chill down your spine when you see the surgeons' instruments used at the time!
The more curious-minded visitors will be well catered for as well, as Louhans is home to various museums covering the local history and heritage. The Bressan rail museum in Louhans will be an opportunity to find out about the old railways, and the municipal museum will provide you with information about the history and traditions of the town, while the print museum will show you how newspapers are made. It's pretty impressive! You could also go around the museum of the history and culture of deaf people, which is one-of-a-kind in France!

Camping Louhans

And you really can't leave Louhans without trying some of the local specialities, which include Bresse chickens and tête de veau (calf's head)! You may also like to visit Louhans' poultry market, held on Monday morning. In a very lively atmosphere similar to that of a farm fair from days gone by, you can soak up the highly characteristic atmosphere of the main town in Bresse Bourguignonne! Why not make the most of it by sitting back on a terrace of one of the town's little restaurants and trying some of the local specialities?
People who enjoy history and old buildings, meanwhile, will just love walking in the mediaeval part of Louhans, which lies right in the town centre, with its cobbled streets, 157 arches, interior courtyards and lovely churches. Make the most of it and take some great photos too!