The areas at Yelloh! Village Lous Seurrots in the Landes

The Yelloh! Village Lous Seurrots has exceptional natural scenery. So that you can enjoy this to the full, see the camping areas and their themes. Choose the ambience you like best near the water or in harmony with the pines.

Bruyère Area - Premium

If you want to spend your holiday in a natural setting, with high quality services, the Bruyère Area is the area for you. Its spacious cottages, located around the pines and the moors, offer both comfort and a place to switch off.

  • Wellness: the Espace Lou spa is to be found in this area
  • Animals: pets are accepted
  • Activities: the area has a children’s playground
  • Services: toilet blocks are located on the eastern edge of La Bruyère
  • Rentals: the area offers cottages of different sizes, with wooden architecture and decoration

Bruyère rentals, 4 bedrooms  Bruyère rentals, 3 bedrooms  Bruyère rentals, 2 bedrooms

    Rivière Area

    The Rivière Area is very close to the Courant de Contis, which can be seen from the cottages, and mixes the authentic with the modern. Although the cottage façades are wooden and roughly hewn, the inside offers Scandinavian decoration. 

    • Sports and activities: to the extreme west of the campsite is the archery range. On the other side you will find a football pitch, a fitness area, a play area and a beach volleyball pitch 
    • Animals: pets are accepted 
    • Accessibility: certain cottages are designed to provide the best facilities for the disabled 
    • Services: close by is a picnic area with barbecues 
    • Rentals: the area offers and cottages, with an outside area which melts into the décor. The inside offers all the comfort you could want with more modern decoration

    Rivière rentals, 3 bedrooms,  2 bathrooms  Rivière rentals, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
    Rivière rentals, 2 bedrooms   Rivière rentals

      Dune Area

      The Dune Area provides you with fast, preferential access to the beach, as it is only several metres away. Here there is no chateau life. Even better it is chalet life. 

      • Swimming: the area is 500 m from the beach. The campsite water park is also very close 
      • Animals: pets are accepted 
      • Sports and activities: nearby there are many sports pitches, children’s clubs and events areas. There is also a surfboard rental kiosk 
      • Accessibility: certain cottages are designed to provide the best facilities for the disabled 
      • Services: in the middle there is an area for barbecues. On the western edge in particular there is a bar, a restaurant, an ice cream kiosk, toilet blocks and a laundry
      • Rentals: the area has , and chalets that can accommodate from 2 to 12 people 

      Chalet rentals
        Chalet Sésame rentals   Chalet Dune rentals, 3 bedrooms   Chalet Dune rentals, 2 bedrooms
        Chalet Dune rentals, 2 bedrooms, disabled facilities   Chalet Dune rentals, 1 bedroom
        Rentals, 2 bedrooms, 4/6 people   Rentals, 2 bedrooms, 4 people   Rentals, 1 bedroom

        Lodge Area

        This area is unlike the others. In fact, discover this area reserved 100% for lodges, to experience an out of the ordinary holiday in accommodation that melts into the surrounding nature. 

        • Animals: pets are accepted 
        • Sports and activities: at the end of the area two tennis courts, mini-golf and a children’s playground are available
        • Services: a barbecue area and toilet blocks are also to be found at the end of the area 
        • Rentals: the area has and Tent Lodges for 4 to 6 people. The tents have 1 bathroom, 1 WC and a covered patio 

        Tent Lodge rentals, 3 bedrooms  Tent Lodge rentals, 2 bedrooms
          Tent Lodge rentals, 3 bedrooms   Tent Lodge rentals, 2 bedrooms

          Coco Area

          Like the Lodge Area, the Coco Area offers unusual accommodation for your holiday. You can even see the stars from your bedrooms. A great experience to live during your visit.

          • Sports and activities: the archery range is just a few metres away
          • Animals: pets are accepted
          • Services: toilet blocks are available in the centre of the area
          • Rentals: the area has exclusively Coco Tents with 2 bedrooms and a covered patio

            Coco Tent rentals