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Camping Costa do Vizir Porto Covo, Setúbal

« A really pleasant campsite close to the loveliest beaches of Portugal »

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Close to the camping Costa Do Vizir

Do you know Portugal well? Have you explored one of Europe's loveliest cities before, in the shape of its capital, Lisbon? Have you been to Porto Covo and its large, fine sand beach? Does the delightful town of Sines mean something to you? If the answer to these questions is no, then now is the time to discover Portugal's wealth of wonders!

Camping Costa do Vizir
Monte Branco
7520 – 437 Porto Covo
+351 269 959 100

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: N 37° 51' 25''
Longitude: W 8° 47' 10''
Work out your route

Porto Covo, 3.4 km
Lisbonne airport, 169 km
Grandola railway station, 60 km
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