Camping Lagos

During your camping holiday, come and discover Lagos, a city steeped in history and traditions, in southern Portugal. If there's one city in Europe which really bares the marks left by adventurers and great travellers, it's Lagos. It was from here that proud ships left for the New World, to find out whether the Earth was flat or round, and its streets were frequented by explorers and sailors. Nowadays, it still has an irresistible allure, and your camping holiday in Lagos will have a whiff of adventure!

Holidays in camping Lagos

Here in Lagos, you'll be able to find things to do during your time here that are ideal for relaxing, recharging your batteries and really enjoying your holiday, with beaches, the ocean waves, a fantastic heritage and countryside full of nice surprises, all drenched in constant sunshine.

A visit to the centre of Lagos will give you the impression you're walking through the streets of a new city, as the earthquake that hit Lagos during the 18th century has left a sharp reminder of its effects through the new buildings you'll see here. Some of them withstood it though, including the church of Saint Antony. There is one other thing that the earthquake left intact too, which is the Portuguese atmosphere.

As you walk down the streets of the famous Marina, with its huge variety of restaurants, shops, bars and little workshops, you can't help falling in love with this place.

Camping Lagos

But the beaches are still the focal point of Lagos and the reason for its celebrity. Some of them are even listed as among the top 100 beaches in the world! Here, you can finish off the day by enjoying a delicious dish of shellfish as you watch the sun go down. Of such things are memories made!