Camping São Martinho do Porto

Picture yourself, far from the hectic pace of everyday life, enjoying one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Portugal during your stay at a 4 star campsite just 2 kilometres from the beach. Welcome to a camping holiday in São Martinho do Porto!

Campsite rentals in São Martinho do Porto 

There are plenty of reasons to take a camping holiday in São Martinho do Porto, a magical destination on the Portuguese coast. Take in the beauty of its shell-shaped bay, where the calm waters are an invitation to kick back and relax, and the golden sandy beaches the ideal spot for leisurely days lounging in the sunshine. 


That’s right – camping in São Martinho do Porto is a chance to savour a simply wonderful laid-back lifestyle. Both in low season, when the weather is mild and in summer, where temperatures are rarely off the scale. And best of all, enjoy all the comfort of a Yelloh! Village campsite at this lovely destination. 


Mobile home rental in São Martinho do Porto 

We know – you’d love to get away from it all and discover new horizons, but you’re worried you’ll miss the comfort of our 4 and 5 star Yelloh! Village campsites. Well, we have some good news – Portugal ticks all the boxes! Discover Yelloh! Village Colina do Sol, a campsite in São Martinho do Porto that’s the ideal spot for family holidays. 


You’ll benefit from our , , and ranges there. Find a mobile home rental in São Martinho do Porto that caters to your every need and wish. Or how about a furnished tent for a more natural experience? Or one of our camping pitches to rediscover the joys of authentic camping? You’ll also love the water park with waterslides, the heated pool and the spa area, ideal for chilling out in the water. Right there at your campsite! And let’s not forget the shops and services on site. Reception, restaurant, grocery store, launderette, tourist information… everything is within easy reach to keep things simple for you, from the minute you arrive in São Martinho do Porto. 


Finally, on top of the activities at the beaches and in the resort, the children’s clubs will keep your youngsters entertained. Along with all the other campsite activities, open to all and enjoyed in a cheerful, friendly atmosphere. 


What can you do while camping in São Martinho do Porto? 

Naturally, if you choose a campsite on the Atlantic coast, you’ll likely find yourself spending a good portion of your days by the water. Are you coming with your family? The shell-shaped bay is lined by a fine sandy beach that’s perfect for rest and recreation, with its wonderfully calm sea. Watersports enthusiasts can navigate these tranquil waters in a kayak, on a paddleboard or in a sailing boat. Or head further north to the beaches outside the bay, where you can surf, kitesurf or enjoy a range of other activities powered by the wind and the waves. 


In addition to these stretches of sand, cliffs are also a prominent feature of the landscape! Take advantage of your stay at a campsite in São Martinho do Porto to go hiking. An enjoyable way to discover the various lookout points and their sweeping coastal views. 


Spend time exploring the surroundings and take in more of the sights. For example, the quaint fishing villages in the nearby area, such as Nazaré or Foz do Arelho. Or the region’s emblematic monuments, like the monastery of Alcobaça and the medieval castle of Óbidos. And Lisbon is less than 2 hours away, if you’re seeking an urban adventure! 


Finally, a camping holiday in São Martinho do Porto is also an opportunity to explore Portugal’s culinary delights! Tantalise your taste buds with the wonderful local flavours at the campsite restaurant or at the eateries in the centre of the resort. So, will it be seafood, a meat dish or a sweet treat – or all three! – for you? 



What are the sightseeing attractions in São Martinho do Porto? 

  • The Bay of São Martinho do Porto 
  • The Miradouro de São Martinho do Porto and its lighthouse 
  • The Miradouro Nazaré and Miradouro do Facho viewpoints, not far from one another 
  • Pegadas de Dinossauro – literally means “dinosaur footprints” – one of several traces of dinosaur feet in the region 
  • The parish church 


What are the activities on offer in São Martinho do Porto? 

  • Coastal walks 
  • Watersports: stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, kitesurfing, wing-surfing, sailing… 
  • Cycling 
  • Fishing 


Where are the most beautiful beaches in São Martinho do Porto? 

  • Praia da Gralha 
  • The Bay of São Martinho do Porto 
  • Praia do Salgado 


What are the main events in São Martinho do Porto? 

  • The Santo António celebrations 
  • The New Year celebrations and firework displays 
  • The Sardine Festival in Salir do Porto 
  • The Óbidos Medieval Festival