Camping Dune du Pilat

The natural wonder of the Dune du Pilat is certainly worth visiting during your camping holiday. This is Europe’s tallest sand dune of 110 metres, and from the top you’ll be able to enjoy fabulous views over the entire Bassin of Arcachon.

Between moorland and the beaches of the Atlantic, the wonderful Dune du Pilat rises up behind the Bassin of Arcachon. At 110 meters in height, this splendid mountain of sand is worthy of all kinds of superlatives, as well as being Europe’s tallest sand dune, with the sand itself being the finest you’ll find in France.


Camping Dune du Pilat
This mountain of sand, which people believed to be inactive, is in fact alive and very active! But you won’t be able to actually watch this activity, as it is moving inland at a speed of 1 to 5 metres per year! When you’ve climbed it via the steps or, for the more energetic, by climbing up the sandy slopes, from the top you’ll enjoy fantastic views which you won’t forget in a hurry, looking out over the moorland, the ocean and the Bassin of Arcachon. And you can get back down again either via the steps or by hurtling down the slope! A unique experience awaits you during your camping holiday at the Dune du Pilat!

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