Camping Saint Papoul

The Aude department is home to all sorts of villages with unexpected stories. This certainly applies to Saint Papoul. Come and experience its historic monuments, particularly the abbey.

Do you know Saint-Papoul?

Saint Papoul is a village located right beside the Montagne Noire range. This small town, close to the camping Yelloh! Village Le Bout du Monde, is a peaceful location with around 800 residents. Despite its small scale and modest population, Saint Papoul certainly features on the tourist trail of the Aude.

Indeed Saint Papoul's history goes back to the 8th century AD, which is when the abbey was established. This building was extended through the centuries, especially during the 14th century, which is when a cloister was added.  The creation of the abbey also meant that the diocese of Saint-Papoul could be established. It was therefore around this place of worship that the village began to grow. Other monuments were built during the Middle Ages, including the bishop's palace, ramparts to protect the town, and Château de Ferrals. These are still standing today, either partially or in their entirety, and are listed as Historic Monuments.

Did you know?

The town and its abbey are named after a famous individual, named Papoul. Legend has it that this saint was a follower of the Bishop Saturnin, who had entrusted him with the task of spreading the message of Christianity through the Lauragais region. This legend was later rejected, however, as these two men of god weren't alive during the same period.

Papoul was also supposed to have been a martyr, as a man was said to have cut his head off with a sword. However, it was said that Papoul had not died, but had carried his head to a spring.

On the menu?

Stroll around at your own pace through the town's little streets, and discover for yourself the four buildings that are listed as Historic Monuments. Unfortunately the abbey is the only one which is open to the public, but this is where you can also find out all about the other ones.