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Positioned at the source of the Canal du Midi, Revel is a town that's famous for its cabinetmaking and hand-crafted furniture.
Since the 19th century, arts and crafts have always been an important feature of Revel. In fact it is now one of France's top furniture craft training centres! There is also a museum, which hosts exhibitions, given over to this aspect of the town.

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Revel also means astonishing and authentic nature. To experience this in a whole new way, there's not much that can beat the Explorarôme! These botanical gardens will tell you how perfumes are manufactured, and you'll also be able to smell the fragrances from over 450 plants!

You really mustn't leave the town of Revel without having stopped by the Wood and Marquetry Museum! Here, all the know-how of thousands of craftsmen gives itself full rein for our eyes to feast on! You'll find out all there is to know about the various workshops, the range of wood- and forest-based crafts, as well as the artists who exhibit here. 

Make the most of your time in Revel by going for a little trip to Lac Saint-Férréol. This is a top destination for relaxation and walks. And just beside it runs the Canal du Midi Museum, with its gardens, which you'll just love! So come and explore the region from a whole new perspective!