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Camping Pont-Croix

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Choose a camping holiday in Pont-Croix and discover the breathtaking landscapes of Wild Brittany.
Pont-Croix is a pretty town in Finistère, and the largest of Le Cap Sizun. Located on the road to the Pointe du Raz, between Audierne and Douarnenez, the Goyen river flows alongside the town of Pont-Croix.

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When you come on a camping holiday to Pont-Croix, a fortified mediaeval town with lots of character, you can wander down its fully cobbled alleyways and make your way through to the heart of the town, where, among other places, you'll be able to visit the church of Notre-Dame de Roscudon, with its steeple that ends with a spire, 67 m in height. The church's architecture combines all the features of the Ecole de Pont-Croix, a style very widely used during the 13th and 14th centuries, from Le Cap Sizen to Le Cap Caval.

The town of Pont-Croix is also a place steeped in art. Indeed in the past, all sorts of artists used to set up their easels in the town to paint it. This applied to Paul de Lassence, Lionel Floch, Paul Sérusier, Sydney L. Thompson, Max Jacob, Matisse and more. When you come for a camping holiday in Pont-Croix, you'll also be able to go to Le Marquisat, a museum exhibiting the art and traditions of Le Cap Sizen.

And the town of Pont-Croix is also brimful of craftsmen, so you'll be able to watch cabinetmakers at work and see the pieces created by potters and master glassworkers whilst staying in the campsite at Pont-Croix.


Camping Pont-Croix

There are also some breathtaking views and landscapes at the Cap-Sizun bird sanctuary. During your camping holiday in Pont-Croix, you'll be in the perfect place to come and see the thousands of birds that gather on the sheer cliffs of this nature reserve.

And a little further on you'll reach the famous Pointe du Raz, which is listed as a "Grand Site de France", and which draws many visitors every year, who come to enjoy the beauty of this wild area of Brittany. High up on the cliffs, you may feel a little dizzy looking out towards the immensity of the ocean and steep rocks with the waves crashing against them.