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Discover the charming Spanish town of Calafell, gateway to the renowned Costa Dorada!

A visit to Calafell is a definite must. The town not only enjoys an amazing historical heritage but sits directly on the coast and its 5 km of fine gold sand! The perfect place to spend a family holiday where exploration rhymes with relaxation!

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During your visit to the town, take the time to discover the Iberian Citadel of Calafell, a historical monument that is totally unique. The site was completely rebuilt "on-site" following an architectural dig lasting 20 years. Today you can really see what the village's roads and houses looked like between the 6th and 1st centuries BC - a fascinating way to learn more about Iberian culture and history!

The mediaeval castle of Santa Creu with its imposing ramparts offering stunning view over the town, the church of Sant Miquel, in the modern district of Segur de Calafell, and the old fishermen's quarter, a tourist area where shops and restaurants abound... There is so much to see in Calafell!

But if you prefer relaxing on the beach or enjoying watersports, the town's 3 beaches are absolutely ideal. So why wait? Book your camping holiday in Calafell today!