Enjoy some great evenings at the Portland campsite

Carry on the fun into the evening! Join in our evening events at Yelloh! Village Portland and share the good times with your family or friends.

    Entertaining summer evenings

    Enjoy the mild summer evenings in great company when you join in the evening entertainment organised by Yelloh! Village Portland. The team of entertainers at our Normandy campsite concoct a great programme of events to please campers big and small. All in a family-friendly atmosphere.

    Discover something new every evening, from music blind tests and concerts to magic shows, dance parties, karaoke and more. We do all we can to make sure you have a great time surrounded by your favourite people!

    Entertainment even in low season

    Enjoy the mood of our summer evenings, even in low season, because our campsite evening fun goes on from month to month! The entertainment team adapts its themes and activities to the number of holidaymakers present.

    You can also enjoy a delicious dinner because the campsite restaurant is open from April to November.