L'Auberge, pure authenticity

Marc and Martine welcome you to L'Auberge where you will have the chance to discover the very best products in the Montagne Noire. Sit back and enjoy the real taste of authenticity.


An authentic experience, from the décor...

Marc and Martine welcome you to enjoy a meal in a traditional structure built 40 years ago. Welcome to L'Auberge, the restaurant at the Camping Le Bout du Monde. The two owners, former shepherds, have turned the place into a unique venue.

Whether in the dining room, among the bricks and oak roof frame, or in the magnificent garden, L'Auberge guarantees you a continuation of the campsite's authentic spirit. Savour the authenticity and expertise of this exceptional restaurant's teams.

After treating your eyes to a change of scenery, it's time to treat your taste buds to the destination's flavours.

    ...to the dishes

    In the dishes, character and authenticity are always the watchwords. All the dishes are homemade with local produce. Some of these even come from the estate's own farm. For example, this is the case for the ORGANIC rib of beef which is sourced on site, the result of a cross between Angus and Jersey cattle. A choice allowing you to enjoy the unique tenderness of one and the exceptional taste of the other.

    You can also try the restaurant's other specialities, such as Martine's inimitable cassoulet. As well as boned and reconstituted guinea fowl, with flambéed crayfish or fondant foie gras.

    Come and enjoy refined local cuisine that gives pride of place to the very best of the Montagne Noire. All this in the company of endearing and authentic teams. An experience that you can continue once you return home since it is possible to purchase these top-quality products in preserves!

    Restaurant information

    Opening times

    On 17, 18, 24 April and 1, 8 and 22 May: open at lunchtimes
    28 May to 18 September: every Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtimes
    Opening available on prior reservation the rest of the year for groups of at least 15 people