Pool and Aquatic Park at camping Domaine de l’Orée

The aquatic area of the camping Domaine de l’Orée is not great... it's exceptional! This is where you're going to want to spend your days with the family. A real place of games and fun awaits you: 2 outdoor swimming pools, a covered swimming pool, 4 waterslides, a river with rubber rings, 2 aquafun paddling pools etc. So you can see it really is exceptional!

    On the premises

    Low season High season Extra charge payable
    Aquatic games area
    Whirlpool baths
    Paddling pool
    Covered paddling pool
    Swimming pool
    Heated pool
    Covered pool
    Rubber ring slides

    A 2,300 m² aquatic area for the whole family

    Want to find out about everything awaiting you in this aquatic area? Get ready to dive into the swimming pool of the Domaine de l’Orée. 3…2…1… Jump!

    • The outdoor pools: 2 different pools await you! On one side is a heated lagoon pool with paddling pool and whirlpool baths. A relaxing pool, perfect for just enjoying the water and for playing with the family. It'll be all about having fun and splashing about! And on the other side, an unheated pool that's perfect for swimming and more energetic activities. So whether your preference is gentle or energetic, there'll be a pool to suit you.  
    • The aquafun playgrounds : The bathing area has been designed with your children in mind. They'll be able to enjoy two heated aquafun areas, one of which is covered. An amazing place awaits them! Sliding down the waterslides with their new friends, water fights with the canons and dreaming up magical stories with the different animals in the paddling pool. This is what's in store for them during the day!.
    • The indoor pool : So that you can be in the water whatever the weather, a 100 m² covered and heated pool is also available. Come and enjoy some chilling out and relaxation with its whirlpool bath!

    So you can really see that this aquatic area is a genuine bit of paradise for the whole family!

    Sliding around on holiday!

    Ready for a race on the multislide? Sit back three abreast and... get sliding! So... who was quickest? Or for a gentler journey, choose the waterslide with a loop, which is really great. Or for a fun run with your friends or family, try the river with rubber rings! As a twosome or on your own, with a ring, enjoy a really fun, light-filled slide. Watch out though, there's a big splash at the end! Really good and lots of great memories in the making! 

    Slide information :

    River with buoys : Total sliding length = 72 m (Black Hole = 43 m + Rafting River = 29 m) + aquafrein =10.50m

    Slides with 3 straight slopes: Height = 3m, Glide track = 9.60m

    The beach just 1,8 km from the campsite

    Have you been dreaming of a beach with direct access? The camping Domaine de l’Orée has just the thing! By bike or on foot, it's just 1.8 km to the Atlantic Ocean. A nice stroll along a shady path lined with pine trees. Feel the coolness of the woods, smell the maritime pine trees, hear the sound of the ocean getting ever nearer. Can you see it? You're here! Put your things down quickly and run down to those waves! A truly unforgettable day with your nearest-and dearest is in the offing!

    In July and August there's a free shuttle service to the beach.