Find out about all our new features for the 2024 season!

Year after year, the Yelloh! Village campsites put money into their infrastructures, accommodation and facilities, to make sure your holidays are even more fantastic!

Centro Region campsites

- Renovation of the heated outdoor swimming pool

- Planting of 2000 plants on the 4 hills

The Algarve campsites

- New cottages for 5 and 7 persons

- Renovation of indoor swimming pool

Aquitaine campsites

- Domaine Les Carrelets campsite has joined the Yelloh! Village family for 2024!

In 2022, the establishment was completely revamped to welcome new facilities, including new accommodation, a wellness centre and a gym. The restaurant, reception and snack bar were also refurbished.


- New cottages for 4 to 16 people

- A new teens club for 13-17 year-olds with new facilities (games consoles, connected speakers, board games, broadband WiFi, sports equipment, etc.)

- New activities planned for the high season (laser game, Basque games, climbing wall, night-time swimming pool, etc.)

- Free Wi-Fi for all and broadband for cottages

- A new Cani Park for dogs to roam freely

- Completely redeveloped landscaped park

- Renewal of the entire rental park with the installation of a pedestrian district of Maisons Basques and new cottages

- Creation of a new performance stage

- Creation of a seminar room

- From 2024: the campsite will be open all year round

- Change of WIFI network throughout the campsite

- New barbecue / picnic area

- New chalets with mezzanine for 6 people

- New miscellaneous facilities including a new bar in the restaurant

- New surfacing for the slides in June

- New forest-themed children's play area

- Renovation of the children's clubs and installation of a Bees Camp (secure beehives, bee mediation and honey production)

- Redevelopment of the village square and planting of 2,000 new plants

- New area with 15 new Manyara cottages

- Private sanitary facilities added on 30 pitches

- New games room


- New Smile 6-person cottages

- Complete renovation of the chalets

- A yurt for seminars

- New accommodation for 5 to 6 people with ocean views

- New cottages Toulinguet and Dune side for 5 to 6 peopleq

New Cottage Vézère for 5 people

- Creation of a area with the new 8-person La Roque and 6-person Brantom cottages.
- The new children's club will also be used as a meeting room in the low season
- Installation of photovoltaic panels to power, among other things, a charging point for electric vehicles

Balearics campsites

- New 4/5-person Torralba and 2-person Binisafari Glamping tent units

- New terraces and fittings in the Turqueta i Mitjana chalets.

- Fibre optics in Macarella, Turqueta and Mitjana accommodation.

- Sustainable development: New lighting, new Menorquin-style gardens, electric vehicle charging point, etc.

- Installation of a small slide in the children's pool.

Brittany campsites

- New Taos and Grand Large cottages for 4 to 6 people

- Installation of a mini farm

- New  cottages for 6 people

- New Twin cottages designed in 2 modules for 8 people

- A new ambience for the beach bar, which will house a catering centre

- Creation of a second cinema

- A new cottage for 4 people adapted for PRMs

- Installation of a mini farm

- New Celtic cottages for 5 people

- New pitches with private sanitary facilities

- New 4-person, 2-bathroom Jardin cottages

- New 4-person cottage adapted for people with reduced mobility



Catalonia campsites

- New Villa for 6 people

- New area with 15 4-person cottages Tramuntana

- Nuova Villa per 6 persone

Champagne-Ardenne campsites

- New water playground

- New lake view accommodation: 2-person cottages with spa and 4-person cottages

Languedoc-Roussillon campsites

New rentals units:

- Cottage Mahana 6 persons

- Cottage Tribu 12 persons with spa

- Cottage Whaou 8 persons with spa

- New  PRM Cottages for 4 persons 

- A bouncy castle will soon be installed behind reception


- 20 new Terrasse XXL cottages at Village Centre

- In Les Secrets area, get ready for some fun with a bouncy castle for guaranteed entertainment!

- 13 new cottages for 4 people and cottages for 6 people

- New 6-person Cottages Sud
- New play area and mini club
- Complete rebuilding of the 2 shops: Bakery and Fruit & Vegetables
- Creation of a "chill zone" for teenagers and young adults

New rentals :

- Cottage Mahana 6 persons

- Cottage Tribu 12 persons with spa

- Cottage Whaou 8 persons with spa

Midi - Pyrénées campsites

- New weight room
- New mini-golf course
- Installation of a large chicken coop
- Creation of a bike hire shelter
- Creation of a large fish pond

- Creation of a area with cottages for 4 to 6 people

- Creation of a multi-sports ground

- Creation of a new area of 4-person cottages
- New , 6-person and 4-person PRM cottages
- Renovation of a sanitary block

- New 8-person suite cottages with private pool. In this new Panorama neighborhood, you'll enjoy breathtaking mountain views.

- New  Palmeraie cottages for 4 people with spa.

- New screen on the stage for scenography, sporting events...

- Les 3 vallées gains one star and becomes a 5-star campsite

- The Beach Club becomes a new inflatable water playground.

- The Nautical Club joins the Beach Club to create an activity centre with new and unusual boats for young and old.

- Connected locks are installed on the cottages.

- The Zénitude cottages become air-conditioned.

- General renovation of the Minigolf course.

- Creation of a tourism centre housing the information point and a souvenir/local products shop.

- New facilities for the enjoyment of holidaymakers: play area for 0-6 year olds, city stadium, sports hall, library area, etc.

- New  area of cottages with private heated pools

- New range of  cottages for 4 to 6 people

- New pitches with private sanitary facilities

- Refurbishment of the sanitary block and new shaded areas around the pool area

Normandy campsites

- A new heated water park of over 2000m² with : Indoor pool, paddling pool, slide and jacuzzi, and 2 outdoor pools.

- Creation of a 350 m² restaurant with bar and rooftop on the first floor, offering a superb view of the sea and the lakes.

- Installation of a playground and multi-sports pitch

- New Nautilhome and cottages for 4 people

Pays de la Loire campsites

- A new 4-person cottage adapted for people with reduced mobility

- Complete renovation of the Bar-Restaurant

- Renovation of part of the swimming pool

- Expansion of the rental park: 45 more and cottages for the 2024 season

- Designing a baby area

- New pitches with private sanitary facilities

- Renovation of the slide and swimming pool

- Improvements to the bar and restaurant

- Creating a sweet straw hut

- A brand new toddler area

- A new teen area

- A new "FARM" area, comprising 12 new Manyara cottages, will welcome you in a cocoon-like atmosphere.

- In the centre of this new area, a meadow withvarious animals will allow you to recharge your batteries as close to nature as possible.

- A "Sugar Shack" will be open all day, offering sweets, crisps, cold drinks and more.

Provence-Alpes-French Riviera campsites

- New area equipped with 4-person Edelweiss chalets

- 2 new trampolines

- Renewal and redevelopment of the rental park, with new mobile homes replacing old ones

- Complete renewal of the pool's machinery and pipework

- Renovation of the aqualudic area with new water games and slides for 0-5 year olds
- A street workout area has been created for outdoor weight training sessions.

- Optional towel hire for pitches with private sanitary facilities

- "Early arrival" option available in high season

- "Late check-out" option available in low season

- Renovation of Cigale cottage terraces

- Creation of a children's play area

- Since 2023: A new 2,000 m² aquatic area

- New inflatable play area

Rhône-Alpes campsites

- Creation of an aquakids area, an aquatic play area for the little ones!

- Creation of a shaded wooden esplanade next to the aquakids area

- Moving the play area at the entrance of the campsite and enlarging it by adding a net course

- New play area

- Renovation of the swimming pool with a new paddling pool
- New hotel reception

- Renovation of the restaurant

- 20 additional accommodation units for 2024, including the new 8-person Siara cottages  and the new Coco Sweet tents with private sanitary facilities

- New acro-game children's play area


- Renovation of public toilets

Auvergne campsites

- Creation of a 200m² pool with swimming corridor, relaxation benches and swan-neck waterfalls

- Creation of 10 and pitches with private sanitary facilities

- Installation of a wood-fired Nordic bath for the "La cabane à l'Heleine" gîte

Picardy campsites

Expansion of the rental fleet with :
- New accommodation with spa for 6 people
- Installation of aditionnal Spatules, Coulis, Mouettes, Tadornes cottages and pitches with private sanitary facilities

Corse campsites

- Renovation of 6 Villas T3

- Renewal of 14 cottages

Other availability

Campsites closed during this period