Camping Mont Saint Michel

Where the land meets the sea and where one’s soul is carried away by the beauty of the location, and where every stone has a story to tell: this is where you’ll find Mont Saint Michel.

An island of stone set in the heart of a splendid bay, where the fields are covered by the sea at high tide: this will be your first view of Mont Saint Michel. With its sturdy but slender outline, its stone towers rising up to the skies like eternal flames, Mont Saint Michel certainly deserves its position as France’s third most visited tourist location!


Camping Mont Saint Michel
Man has occupied this important location for centuries, as attested to by the fact that a church has existed here for more than a thousand years. Though Mont Saint Michel has undergone various modifications over the ages, it has managed to preserve its most important features, which give it its soul: bold and remarkable architecture in the middle of a bay which is home to some of Europe’s highest tides. Come and be spellbound!


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