Lac d'Hourtin

Eager to enjoy all the attractions of a campsite in the Médoc? Opt for a campsite at Lake Hourtin and benefit from the Atlantic beaches, the lake, the Médoc region and the nearby fishing villages. Enjoy a dream family holiday at Hourtin or Carcans.

Campsite rental at Lake Hourtin


Looking for sunshine, nature and a region steeped in history and tradition? Then head for a campsite on the Atlantic coast, especially in the Médoc. The Gironde is, of course, renowned for the red wines from the north of the department, and from Bordeaux and the Arcachon Bay, but it is also a region of lakes and lagoons.


And one particular lake stands out, drawing thousands of holidaymakers for its picturesque setting, abundance of activities and tranquil atmosphere. Take a camping holiday at Lake Hourtin and enjoy a break on the water’s edge! The ideal starting point for exploring all the Gironde has to offer.


Discover our Yelloh! Village campsites near Lake Hourtin – 4 or 5 star holiday villages that are perfect when you want to discover every facet of the Gironde, in the heart of the Médoc.


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Mobile home rental Lake Hourtin


Renting a mobile home near the magnificent Lake Hourtin is a wonderful idea if you’re looking for a getaway in the heart of nature. What’s more, our campsites in the Médoc have been designed with your comfort in mind, to make sure you feel right at home during your holiday.


You’ll be able to choose from our different accommodation ranges, from to , tailored to meet all your expectations. Mobile homes that offer warm, well-appointed interiors and everything you need, from cosy bedrooms to fully equipped kitchens and superb terraces, perfect for leisurely meals with family or friends under the Médoc sun.


And there’s more! For even more of a holiday adventure, opt to stay on one of the camping pitches available at our campsites in the Médoc. As a bonus, some of them come with private sanitary facilities.


Do you know Lake Hourtin?


Or Lac d’Hourtin et de Carcans, to give it its full name! Although people often just use the shorter version, the longer name exists because this stretch of freshwater straddles two towns: Hourtin to the north and Carcans to the south. So why do we sometimes just say Lake Hourtin? Simply because the locals call it that, in reference to their town. In Carcans, on the other hand, they’ll say Lake Carcans!


The different names may have their origin in local pride, but they can be practical! The lake is very large, so with the different names, it becomes simpler to pinpoint a particular spot, such as the beaches.


That said, if you choose to rent a mobile home at a campsite by Lake Hourtin or Lake Carcans, you can make the most of both these vibrant and attractive communities. Two perfect locations for a holiday base between the Médoc Natural Regional Park, Bordeaux and Arcachon Bay.


Did you know?


Lac d’Hourtin et de Carcans is not just another lake. First, it’s worth specifying that it’s a natural lake. And it’s actually the largest natural lake in France. With a surface area of 56.67 km², there are plenty of places to swim and enjoy this peaceful oasis.


And what’s more, Lake Hourtin lies very close to another well-known stretch of water in the Gironde: Lacanau lake. In fact, the two bodies of water are linked by the Canal des Étangs. And the waterway ends its course in another of the Gironde’s must-see spots: Arcachon Bay.


What are the sightseeing attractions around Lake Hourtin?

  • The Dunes and Marshes of Hourtin nature reserve
  • The villages and vineyards of the Médoc
  • Lacanau lake
  • The Gironde Estuary
  • Cap Ferret and Arcachon Bay


What activities are on offer at Lake Hourtin?

  • Boat trips
  • Catamaran sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Water skiing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Stand-up paddleboarding
  • For children, discovery of the Île aux Oiseaux and the Waterpark
  • Canoeing/kayaking
  • Fishing (fishing licence required)
  • Wingfoiling


Where are the most beautiful beaches by Lake Hourtin?

  • The beach at Hourtin-Port
  • Piqueyrot beach
  • South beach
  • Central beach
  • Maubuisson
  • Lachanau
  • La Gracieuse beach

When you opt for a campsite near Lake Hourtin, you’ll be able to switch from one bathing location to another! With Yelloh! Village, combine the enjoyment to be had at a 4 or 5 star campsite water park with the fun of the lakeside beaches. And not forgetting the Atlantic, of course, which lies just a few short miles from the lake’s western shore.