Camping Basque country with your family, staying in Yelloh! Village!

Welcome to the Basque Country, a region which is proud to display its “otherness”, special features and originality. Exoticism and wonder will take centre stage on your holiday here!

No other region in France can boast as many unique features as the Basque country. With wonderful landscapes, cultural attractions and fantastic food, located on the Atlantic seaboard and surrounded by the Pyrenees and fine sand beaches, this is a thoroughly exotic and timeless holiday destination.


Camping Basque country
The first surprise you’ll get is when you hear the Basque language, which is still very much alive. Both melodious and harsh-sounding, it is like a link between this region, this unique location, and the people who live here. You’ll also be blown away by the Basque culture, blending an age-old way of life with ancient values and traditions. And you’ll love the fantastic food here, with Bayonne ham and Basque cakes, as well as crafts and major festivals such as the ferias, which are a draw for people of all ages.
With the Pyrenees for hikers, fine sand beaches for people who just want to relax and waves for the surfing fans, there really is something for everyone here!

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