Camping Basque country, staying in Yelloh! Village!

Welcome to the Basque Country, a region with its own culture, unusual features and novelty… Exotic sights and wonderful things await you for your holiday!

Come and stay in our campsite in the Basque Country, and make the most of the seaside and culture of this fantastic region. There's nowhere else in France that's home to so many special features: landscapes, culture, fine food and more! Right on the Atlantic coast, surrounded by the Pyrenean Mountains and with fine sand beaches, this will make for a truly exotic camping holiday, untouched by time.


Camping holidays in the Basque Country


In the heart of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques in southern Aquitaine, the French Basque Country has all sorts of lovely surprises in store for you. So treat yourself to a new and unique experience with your family or your friends.


The first surprise will be when you hear the Basque language for the first time, which is still spoken a lot here. It sounds both melodious and harsh, and acts like a link between the region, the terroir, and the people who live here. You're also going to just love the Basque culture, where way of life, values and ancient traditions blend together. Wander round the unusual seaside resorts and delightful villages famous for their Etxea: Basque homes with colourful red and green frontages.


It's also the perfect place to come for relaxing on one of the numerous beaches on the ocean coast. Our Basque campsites have special access to the seaside, where you'll be able to bathe, sunbathe or just throw yourself into the waves!


With tours, sports and relaxation on the menu, if you have a moment to spare then you'll have the opportunity to try the wonderful local dishes, featuring Bayonne ham, Basque cake, axoa stew and more! And you mustn't miss the crafts and popular festivals, like ferias, where people of all ages get together, which you'll be smitten by!


With the mountains of the Pyrenees for the hikers, fine sand beaches for the relaxers and waves for the surfers, there really is something for everyone here!

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Mobile home rental in the Basque Country

Come and stay in our campsite in the Basque region with Yelloh! Village and make the most of life out in the open in this heart-stoppingly fantastic region! When you rent an accommodation option or a camping pitch in a 4 to 5 star campsite, you'll enjoy all the benefits of a hotel, plus, as a bonus, high-quality services and great outdoor activities while you're on holiday. Come and enjoy the aquatic parks with both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, with waterslides and paddling pools for your children too! And as you'll be so close to the ocean, you'll be able to take a dip and try your hand at all sorts of watersports too!


What to do during your camping holiday in the Basque Country?

As both a sea and a mountain destination, the Basque Country is a place where you can make the most of two different environments for different activities. The first thing to do is pay a visit to the emblematic towns and villages of this part of the world, starting with Bayonne, at the northern end of the Basque Country. This is France's top spot for chocolate and ham! Then move on to Biarritz, which is the legendary surfing location and famous for the Rock of the Virgin Mary, as well as its huge aquarium.

Also on the Basque coast, the town of Bidart looks out over the ocean and offers an authentic landscape that's even more restful, while also putting on entertainment throughout the year! From our campsites in Bidart, take a walk along the magnificent coastal footpath. This lengthy hiking trail goes right along the coast to Hendaye in the far south, via Guéthary, then Saint-Jean-de-Luz and its celebrated bay. And when it's a bite to eat you're after, you've got plenty of choices! How about a picnic in one of the coves with the family and a spot of bathing, or why not try some local specialities at the market of Saint-Jean-de-Luz? Hard to contemplate anything much better! The number 3 bus is an option for getting back to Bayonne to gently round off your trek.

And inland, the western Pyrenees are perfect for walking and cycling. With forests, streams and waterfalls abounding, stroll down the various natural paths including the famous Holzarte trail, which lies in the gorges of the same name. Cross over the Holzarte footbridge, 150 metres above the ground, and get your adrenaline buzz while you take in the fantastic view!

Finally, come and acquaint yourself with the region's unusual sports: force basque, pelote basque and the encierros de taureaux (bull runs). These are proper shows combining power, precision and agility!

And, by way of a souvenir, before you leave don't forget to buy some Basque linen, peppers or lovely chocolate!


So which towns should you visit in the Basque Country?

The Basque communes of Guéthary, Bayonne and Anglet are frequented by lots of visitors throughout the year. And there's a good reason for this as they feature in the top 5 of France's best towns and villages to live in, 2023. Come and see for yourself!:

  • Biarritz

A dynamic seaside resort and surfing paradise, Biarritz has a remarkable cultural and historic heritage.

  • Bayonne

This is the entry point to the Basque Country, famous for its cathedral, the Fêtes de Bayonne, the ham festival and, most surprising of all, its chocolate! Grand Bayonne and Petit Bayonne, two districts separated by the Nive, await discovery by day or by night, where you can come and admire the colourful houses including the highly impressive Maison Moulis.

  • Anglet

Anglet is justifiably known as "Little California" due to its lifestyle and the state of mind of the people who live here. This sports- and nature-focused town stretches from the Adour River to the Pointe du Cap Saint-Martin over a distance of 4.5 km of sandy coastline. You won't be surprised to come across lots of skaters, cyclists and roller-skaters along the beaches plus, above all, surfers ready to take on the outrageous waves you find here. Indeed Anglet played host to Europe's first ever surfing world championships!

  • Saint-Jean-de-Luz

This is a major town in the region, due to its rich maritime heritage, and is famed for its hake fishing and its lovely bay, between the sea and the mountains! From the hill of Sainte-Barbe you can take in some really breathtaking views. As well as seeing the old fishing boats, you can head to the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

  • Bidart

With its constantly balmy climate, come and let Bidat win you over! This little coastal town may be less well-known than its neighbours, but that doesn't make it less pretty! Beside its impressive cliffs, the people who live here hunted whales here in days gone by. These days, this seaside resort welcomes tourists looking for peace & quiet and a bit of a break from the frantic pace found on much of the rest of the coast here.


Which are the loveliest villages of the Basque Country?

Churches with balconies that are found nowhere else, peppers drying on the facades, red shutters, mediaeval alleyways and pelote basque tournaments etc. That's what you'll be experiencing in these towns and villages!

  • Guéthary, a surfing paradise and twice crowned "best village for living in"
  • Espelette, a top destination in the Basque Country, famous mainly for its peppers and its characteristic houses
  • Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, a must-see along the path of St James' Way, with lovely panoramic views from its citadel
  • Itxassou, a traditional village beside the River Nive which is well worth a visit
  • Ainoha, just 2 km from the border with Spain


Which are the best beaches in the Basque Country?

  • Lafitenia beach
  • Erretegia
  • Grande Hendaye beach
  • Parlementia
  • Cenitz beach
  • Ilbarritz beach


Which tourist destinations should I see in the Basque Country?

While the towns and villages are sufficient reasons to visit this amazing region, don't forget to stop off at these various locations that will enhance your stay still further:

  • Château d’Abbadia, in Hendaye
  • The Caves of Sare
  • The Zugarramurdi Caves, otherwise known as the Witch Caves
  • Biarritz lighthouse
  • La Rhune mini train


What are the culinary specialities of the Basque Country?

The Basque Country is also a destination for foodies. Behind these Basque names, eccentric-sounding for those not in the know, you'll find some richly-flavoured, delicious dishes that'll be a treat for your taste buds:

  • Axoa, minced shoulder of veal with all the colours of the Basque Country (peppers, chillies, onions)
  • Piperade, a blend of summer flavours featuring tomatoes and chillies
  • Taloa, a Basque pancake containing pork loin and sheep cheese
  • Basque cake
  • Bayonne ham

And the lot downed with a glass of Patxaran, a sloe-based liqueur from Navarre!