Happiness with no effort at all

Doing nothing during the holidays. Everyone’s perfect dream! Good news: it’s also a dream that’s within your reach, as long as you give yourself the means to achieve it. So here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Preparing your journey? Stick to the minimum

This time it’ll all be plain sailing, promise! Start by deciding who does what: who books the campsite? Who plans the route? Who puts the bags in the car? Who organises the picnic lunch? Once things have been clearly sorted and the tasks fairly shared out, everyone can concentrate on their mission. Suddenly, preparing for the holiday has become child’s play!

To simplify things even further, only take what you have to and avoid what often ends up as a thorn in the side. For example, order your baby kit with high chair and travel cot beforehand, you’ll have so much more room in the boot*. Similarly, forget about the bikes: most of the Yelloh! Village campsites have them available for their campers to use! And, of course, you can spare yourself those voluminous sports bags filled with sheets if you choose the “sheets and towels provided” option**. Finally, after 15 hours of traffic jams, the last thing you’ll want to do is to have to make your bed before you can fall into it! Which is why, our Yelloh! Village campsites offer to have everything prepared, ready and waiting for you when you arrive***.
Something tells us that you’ll now be travelling carefree and much much lighter!

* Baby kit from €6 per night - free for 4 flowers and Premium rentals
** Hire of sheets and pillow cases from €18 per bed and per stay / Hire of towels (1 bath towel and 1 hand towel) from €12 per kit and per stay - free for 4 flowers and Premium rentals
*** “Beds made freshly on arrival” service from €12 per bed and per stay

The cleaning? As little as possible, for you

What’s the point of going away to find yourself with all the same chores as at home? That stress before you leave, rushing around with the vacuum cleaner at 6 o’clock in the morning, up to your elbows in soapy water, scrubbing away with a sponge... Been there, done that, thank you very much! So this year, leave it to someone else. We have a very simple solution for you, we call it the “end-of-stay cleaning” package*. Stay on holiday right up until the last second and leave with nothing but smiles. Admit it; wouldn’t it be so much more fun?

* From €95 per stay


The meals? Outsourcing, delegating, simplifying...

Yes, even for meals we’ve got a few good ideas to help you out. Start by forgetting any plans you might have for an elaborate menu or a complicated recipe. Firstly, because you’re camping, and secondly because you’re on holiday! Choose ingredients that are easy to prepare and just need throwing together! Mix pasta and tomatoes, rocket and cheese, vary the different types of pâté accompanied by gherkins and try an infinite variety of mixed salads! Oh, and above all, don’t skimp on the melons and watermelons.

And don’t forget about our half-board package*, the perfect way to brighten up any holiday! We look after your breakfast and evening meal, and you, you only have to worry about feeding the conversation and getting to know your neighbours around the table! So that just leaves you lunch to plan for: a sandwich on the beach, a snack in the forest or a delicious break by the river, the choice is yours. Your only priority: keep it simple!

* Half-board package:

  • From €7 per day for children aged from 2 to under 4 years
  • From €19 per day for children aged 4 to 11 years
  • From €30 per day for anyone aged 12 and over

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The kids? Keep the best and forget the rest

For this chapter, there’s only one thing to remember: let it go! Teeth that haven’t been cleaned, hair not properly brushed; just for once it’s not the end of the world! As far as clothes are concerned, it’s summer dress and flip-flops or tee-shirt and shorts. No need for the Sunday best when going to the swimming pool! And when it comes to keeping an eye on them, you don’t have to worry, we’re here to help: at our Yelloh! Village campsites, safety always comes first! Cars drive at walking pace so the kids can go and get the bread for breakfast without you having to fret about them. So, no obligations? Only the ones everyone enjoys: a cuddle in the evening, a game of pétanque and getting out and about with all the family.

But let’s be clear about one thing, there’s a good chance that you won’t be seeing much of your youngsters: our Yelloh! Village children’s clubs* may well put you in the shade! For every age group, perfectly adapted equipment and activities are available for the kids with a choice that’s out of this world: entertainment in the swimming pool, aquatic parks, watersports and team sports, play areas, bouncy castles, handicrafts, horse riding, treasure hunts, tennis, dressing up, shows...! The 5-7 year-olds are going to just love going to the Kids’ Club, the 8-12 year-olds will never want to leave the Juniors’ Club and the teenagers will be seriously into the Teens’ Club...

Breathe in, breathe out, relax… life doesn’t get much better than here!

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