A campsite that does you good...

Just love the idea of being massaged, pampered, cosseted and indulged? In summer as in winter, there’s only one solution: book yourself a week of 100% wellness... at a campsite!

Yes, you heard right: at a campsite! You wouldn’t have thought of it? And yet, if you choose your holiday base with care, you’ll come home feeling totally relaxed...

To begin, gently does it

Everyday life is exhausting, work is ever more stressful, and you often arrive on holiday feeling totally wiped out... so head for the wellness area at your Yelloh! Village.

A wellness area? Whassat? It’s simply a team that’s devoted to looking after you... A little facial perhaps, just to start with, to revitalise your skin and prepare it for your summer suntan. And then maybe a massage to the head, cheeks and jawline to begin your week’s holiday feeling perfectly relaxed, and a Californian massage to release all that built-up tension.

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To achieve deep down relaxation

Dreaming of whirlpool baths, a Finnish sauna or an oriental hammam? What you need is a Yelloh! Village campsite with a wellness centre equipped to totally spoil you.

Background music, sublime decoration, personalised welcome... from the minute you step through the door, you’ll be completely disconnected from the outside world. After a glorious back massage, a little gentle drainage and a few treatments to target those problem areas, something tells us that you’ll be sleeping like a baby...

Discover the Yelloh! Village campsites equipped with a wellness centre:

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To reach nirvana

Still not enough? Choose a Yelloh! Village campsite with spa and balneo for regular regenerative treatments throughout your week-long holiday. Over to you to choose the programme that will do you the most good: balneotherapy pools, massaging jets, sports lessons... you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sauna - foot massage... or stepper - whirlpool bath - back massage... Not bad as your programme for the day... And perfect for gently getting back into shape, clearing the mind and being ready to enjoy every minute of your holiday!

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