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Outdoor yoga for interior well-being

No! “Asana” is not yet another comic book hero! And “hatha” and “ashtanga” aren’t new brands of beauty products... Oh come on! They are yoga terms. So follow us and find out all you ever wanted to know about this age-old practice renowned as being so good for you...

Your body will thank you, and your mind as well

Sun salutation, half moon pose, downward-facing dog, cobra, candle... all these strange poetical terms intrigue you? Unless, of course, you already know all that by heart? In which case you know that each represents a different yoga position! Amongst them are those guaranteed to put you in a good mood, those that help keep you supple, and those that strengthen your muscles or improve your breathing... But in general each of them does all of that, all in one go! And the more you practice them, the greater your self-confidence and the better your vitality and health, both spiritual and physical. Not bad, eh?

My yoga in the great outdoors

Did you know that the best way to increase the benefits of a bandha padmasana (bound lotus pose) or a balasana (child’s pose), is to practice yoga... in the open air!? If you’re used to practising the activity indoors, the idea might seem a little strange at first, but you only need to try it to be instantly hooked. It’s amazing! Whether in a clearing or a park, on the beach or by a lake: any natural environment can make a wonderful playground for a yogi. The main idea is to reconnect with the elements, not only with the earth, grass, trees and leaves, but also with water and sand, stone and soil... In other words to free yourself from the limitations imposed by a sports hall.

So come on then! Everyone outside! It’s the moment to take a great breath of fresh air, stock up on vitamin D and fill your mind with positive thoughts, as you contort yourself on the grass with infinite grace. After all, performing the sun salutation when facing the sun itself, the tree pose amongst its real-life fellows, or the bird pose in the midst of birdsong, is really rather magical! And apparently the beauty of the natural environment that surrounds us also helps the production of endorphins, those famous happiness hormones. So, frankly, it would really be a mistake not to try yoga in its most natural state!

Y for yoga, Y for Yelloh!

Spending your holiday in a Yelloh! Village? It’s the perfect opportunity to discover outdoor yoga! Whether beginner or old hand, try and try again, as often as you want to! Yelloh! Village campsites offer yoga lessons in the midst of nature, led by qualified professional teachers. And, as you’ll soon see, they’ll immediately help you feel at ease and make rapid progress. So something tells us that you’ll be returning home feeling soothed, serene, and so very much better in every sense!

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