It’s time to hit the water!

You’ve often thought about it, but you’ve never dared... So why not make the most of the holidays to take the plunge? Underwater diving, it’s easier than you think... promise!

#1. But is it really for me?

You’ve always dreamed of discovering what happens beneath the surface? You’re fascinated by those undersea landscapes? You enjoy silence? You’re at ease in the water? Then there’s absolutely no reason to think that diving isn’t for you!

And not only that, but you’re going to love the fun and friendly atmosphere of a diving trip! Each outing is always a special moment of complicity with the other divers.

#2. Isn’t it a bit too technical?

It’s true that diving is a technical sport but at the beginning all you need to do is listen to the instructions. Flippers, wetsuit, bottle: for your first dive, everything is provided. And you’ll have someone with you all the way down. So relax and follow the guide...

#3. Relax? Easy to say, but how?

Before every dive, all the equipment is systematically checked. During the session, you’ll have an instructor beside you, someone you can rely on. They’ll have a spare bottle with them and know exactly what to do and all the right decisions to take, whatever happens. So, reassured? Once underwater, breathe slowly and deeply, there’s no need to worry, all will be well!

#4. Can I take my little darlings?

Children over 8 years-old can come with you for a diving session. From 10 years upwards, they can begin a training course with you.

A family that dives together, thrives together! Total happiness and a unique moment to share. It’s also the best possible way to introduce children to all those fascinating undersea species and their natural environment.

#5. So, ready to take the plunge or not?

Imagine the feeling of pride after having risen to a challenge that seemed so complicated... Tell yourself that you’re off to meet aquatic life, multicoloured fish and other incredible species. And if you have the good idea of diving with your significant other or with all the family, you’ll have so much to share when you return to the surface. Think of the smiles and sense of achievement you’ll feel when back on dry land... Go for it! Dive!

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