The honey harvest

At Yelloh! Village, we have some amazing campsite owners! And here is a duo sure to please you! They like to share their love of nature and of bees with holidaymakers. Follow them and join in the honey harvest yourself.

An unforgettable encounter

You won’t forget your encounter with Rémi and Antoine, owner and director of the Domaine de l’Esquiras campsite, during your holiday in the Ardèche. Pull on a beekeeper’s suit and head for the hives to discover the bees. Listen to the bees buzzing, watch as they flit around the hives, admire their organisation and make the most of what nature has to offer.

Share a passion

Rémi inherited his passion from his grandfather when he was still very young, and now he wants to share his world with you, with the ideal way to pass on his love of bees. The aim is simply to offer you a entirely unique family experience. But that’s not all! Campers of every age can come along and learn all about this amazing ecosystem and its place in the natural world. Next, you’ll discover the honey extraction process, how it’s made and all the benefits of the bees.

Tasting time!

Then it’s time to take your bounty back to the honey house, where the wonderful fragrances of sugar and honey will no doubt tempt you to indulge! First, Rémi takes a knife to peel off the wax cover over the honey, ready to extract the delicious substance. You’ll then see the honey flowing out of the extractor. Your young gourmets won’t be able to take their eyes off the tap as they wait for the magic moment when they can finally taste the honey they’ve harvested! So slide a stick straight under the honey to collect it and... enjoy!


Enjoy this unique family experience during a stay at the Yelloh! Village Domaine de l’Esquiras. Campers of every age will be amazed and will go home with some very special memories.

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