Those little actions that save... nature

One of the wonderful things about camping is reconnecting with Mother Nature. So why not make the most of the moment to help protect it as well? And since little actions are often worth more than grand words, we thought we’d suggest a few that you can put into practice wherever you’re staying on holiday.


  • Take the train whenever you can: definitely greener and much more fun!
  • Only two of you in the car? Why not try car-sharing? Certain websites specialise in putting drivers and travellers in touch with one another... Conviviality guaranteed.
  • A full boot = maximum fuel consumption. So try not to overload the donkey!

During a walk:

  • And if you only took the flowers... as a photo? They smell so much better growing in the grass than stuck in a vase!
  • Animals are just like you, they like to feel safe when at home. Try to remain as unobtrusive as possible and keep to the marked paths so you don’t disturb them. The less noise you make, the greater your chance of spotting a marmot, a rabbit or a squirrel...
  • Have you remembered that little plastic bag for all your rubbish? Essential!

At the seaside:

  • Choose a sunscreen that is environmentally-friendly, the little fish and coral will be forever grateful.
  • You smoke? Don’t forget to take a pocket ashtray so that your cigarette butt doesn’t end its life sad and lonely in the sand .

When shopping:

  • Those small re-usable bags will soon become your new best friends. Always keep them with you. Practical, useful and so much better for the environment!
  • Go green, right down to the food on your plate: buy fruit and vegetables from the region... and in season.
  • And why not pay a little visit to the neighbouring farms for your meat, cheese and dairy produce? You’ll become a locavore without even realising it!

On the campsite:

  • You’ll find all you could want at your Yelloh! Village . No need to go off-site! You can leave your car in the car park and forget about it during your holiday.

  • Sorting your waste for recycling is just the same as at home: there’s a specific bin for plastic, paper and glass. We might be called Yelloh! but we haven’t forgotten about being green!
  • Water is precious and you can save it simply by making sure you turn the taps off properly. You can even go a step further by turning off the water when you’re soaping!
  • To keep the mosquitoes away, try lemon balm and long sleeves: a tried and tested natural method.

For your souvenirs:

  • Local craftsmen produce some amazing items and you’ll be helping the local economy at the same time.

There’s no doubt about it, your holiday’s going to be green with Yelloh! Village

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