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Glamping in Provence

Come and discover Provence on a glamping holiday with Yelloh! Village. Ultra-comfortable accommodation, all the charm of a luxury campsite, upmarket aquatic parks. Whether you come with your family, your friends or your beloved, everything has been conceived to ensure that your glamping holiday is even more enjoyable for you!

Provence is famous for its landscapes, its colours, flavours, the nature and the ambiance, but also for its glamping sites! These glamorous campsites, with their original accommodation, ultra-comfortable rental options and upmarket amenities will delight all the family offering them holidays they will remember for a long time to come.

When you choose a glamping holiday with Yelloh! Village, you will find all the amenities that make camping holidays with this group so charming: upmarket accommodation, amenities for all the family, spacious aquatic parks, etc. So that you can experience a moment of intense joy under the Provençal sun.

The values of the Yelloh! Village group are present of course: the welcome and facilities, the hospitality, comfort, etc. Only one thing remains for you to do: to live your holiday in Provence as intensely as possible. You will feel as though you are in a hotel with the advantage of being in the heart of magnificent natural surroundings right close up to nature.

Come glamping with your family, your beloved or friends and enjoy life under the Provençal sun. We promise that you will have no regrets. 


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