Camping Sainte Enimie

Set off for some camping in Sainte Enimie, Lozère, and come and discover the breathtaking landscapes and canyons of the Gorges du Tarn!
The Gorges du Tarn are also crammed with opportunities for sports activities, which you will be able to enjoy at your leisure during your camping holiday. As the main tourist activity of Lozère, the Gorges du Tarn is the perfect place to do some canoeing and kayaking. Aboard your one- or two-person boats, come and enjoy the imposing landscapes gradually appearing before you. You'll be able to admire the various natural locations which form the beauty of the Gorges du Tarn.

Camping holidays Sainte Enimie

Fancy the idea of setting off for the Gorges du Tarn for your camping holiday? The village of Sainte Enimie, between the Causse de Sauveterre and Causse Méjean, very close to the Parc Naturel des Cévennes, is the perfect destination for doing so. Listed as one of "France's loveliest villages", Sainte Enimie is a charming little mediaeval village clinging to the cliffs which, as well as providing fantastic views over the Gorges du Tarn, you'll love for its very well-preserved mediaeval origins.

So come and wander down the pretty alleyways, steeped in history, see its half-timbered houses and its little squares, and go up to see the remains of the fortified monastery, where you'll be able to hear all about the legend and history of Sainte-Enimie, an unusually beautiful Merovingian princess who, so as to escape a marriage arranged by her father, is said to have beseeched God to preserve her virtue, and God was said to have had no other choice but to inflict a terrible illness on her, leprosy, to rid her of her suitors. Having dreamt that she would be cured in the waters of a distant province of Le Gévaudan, named Burlatis (the old name of Sainte-Enimie), she went there and was miraculously healed. However, the princess was no longer allowed to leave the village which healed her, or the disease would return. As a very pious woman, she built the monastery which now looks over the village.