Camping Saint Nectaire

Foodie getaways, wellness stays and discovery holidays await you in Saint Nectaire during your holiday at the Yelloh! Village Le Pré Bas, Auvergne.
Whether you enjoy our fantastic local food, hiking in the countryside, thermal cures or our regional heritage, you're going to love being in Saint Nectaire! You'll be enchanted by the Ville Haute, which is where you'll find its historic centre, and the Ville Basse, with its 40 natural springs and thermal centre. And why not stop off for a wellness break while you're here!

Camping Saint Nectaire

With dolmens, a mediaeval church, remains of Roman thermal baths and plenty more features, different eras all seem to come together at Saint Nectaire! From up on its esplanade you'll enjoy a fantastic view of le Puy de Châteauneuf, the Château de Murol and the Monts Dore mountain chain. This town has always exerted an irresistible attraction with its wonderful countryside, the beneficial effects of its thermal waters and its variety of other features! You too will simply love  your camping holiday in Saint Nectaire! 

You'll also be able to make the most of your stay in Saint Nectaire by discovering the unusual and intriguing "petrified fountains". Assisted by work carried out by man, nature has created some superb works of art, in which the water has solidified and turned to stone! 

And you really won't be able to leave the town without tasting its speciality of worldwide renown: Saint Nectaire cows' milk cheese! The combination of our clean mountain air and the green grassland of Auvergne has given birth to this real natural nectar!

Saint Nectaire is also a real paradise for hikers, with various trails available from the town. Whether you're setting off for a few hours or for the day, you'll really be able to breathe that fresh air deeply at le Puy de Châteauneuf or le Puy d’Eraigne. Get your fill of Auvergne countryside during your camping holiday in Saint Nectaire!