Camping Luc-sur-Mer

In the department of the Calvados hides a charming seaside resort: Luc-sur-Mer. If you’ve never come this way before, it’s the moment to stop off for a visit. So read on to find out what awaits you...

Do you know Luc-sur-Mer? On the southern shores of the Baie de Seine, near Caen and in the heart of the Côte de Nacre, lies Luc-sur-Mer. So come and breathe its glorious fresh air and recharge your batteries with a walk along all 1.5km of its sea wall. And what’s certain to be the first thing you notice? The beach huts, of course! They form an integral part of Normandy’s seaside heritage. Some date back more than a century, others are brand new, but one thing is certain, these delightful little white houses have made the name of Luc-sur-Mer. Will you fall under their charm as well? Impossible not to!


Did you know? Over a hundred years ago a 40 tonne 19 metre-long whale was washed up on the beach at Luc-sur-Mer. You don’t believe it? Its skeleton is today displayed under a glass canopy in the town hall park. You can even visit the House of the Whale. So come and see for yourself, it’s nothing if not impressive!


What to see and do? How about beginning with a peaceful stroll along a local footpath? Measuring 2.5km the walk follows the route of a former railway line. Always enchanting and gently shaded by trees, it will lead you all the way from the basilica in Douvres-la-Délivrande to the seashore. What could be more enjoyable? Then, explore the attractive municipal park and enjoy its lush green setting with the pretty town hall, animals, a playground for children and, of course, the House of the Whale! It’s the must-visit spot in Luc-sur-Mer! All the family will be able to discover the legends and stories of whales, a scientific area and even a little gift shop to take away a holiday souvenir. After a day filled with exploration and fun, you probably wouldn’t say no to relaxing on the terrace of a nearby restaurant. The perfect moment to treat your taste buds to one of the local specialities. So, ready for a day at Luc-sur-Mer? On your marks, go!