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Cassis, a typical Provençal town with views over the Mediterranean. It is located on the Côte d’Azur and is one of France's loveliest villages. Cassis is also home to a prestigious vineyard area. The vineyard owners in the region have given it its own famous appellation: Les Vins de Cassis. With beaches and relaxation, why not enjoy a wine tasting tour during your camping holiday in Cassis?

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With impressive cliffs, wild inlets and fantastic views over the Mediterranean, Cassis has what it takes to seduce all holidaymakers. Going on holiday to Cassis means discovering a little town with typical Provençal charm, where you'll be able to enjoy strolling up and down its little sunlit streets and the beauty of the Mediterranean. The inlets and cliffs are enhanced by this sea, the colour of which alternates between colours ranging from deep blue to turquoise blue. A sustainable development plan has also been established to preserve this unique natural heritage. This means you need to check when you are permitted to visit the inlets and little creeks. On foot, by canoe or by boat, these still form a unique natural location for exploring during your camping holiday in Cassis.
To the south of the town, come and see its little fishing harbour. This is a really pretty and colourful location and is set in a little corner of paradise, between the Massif des Calanques and the splendour of Cap Canaille, which is home to Europe's highest cliffs, peaking at 400 metres. Encircled by colourful buildings and authentic shops, this little harbour is a real invitation for a spot of relaxation.