Camping Padirac Chasm

Treat yourself to a visit to one of France's largest chasms, home to an underground river, where the walls put on a magical spectacle. You'll leave with a head full of great memories!

Camping Padirac Chasm

Fancy the idea of discovering a whole new world? Then come to the Padirac Chasm, very close to Rocamadour! A visit here begins with a descent of more than 100 metres to the bottom of a large shaft, on foot or using the lift, and continues with a tour of the wonderful tunnels and a boat trip on the chasm's undergound river, with its translucent water.


You'll soon see that this chasm is one of the most fascinating in Europe. Here, you'll discover a whole new world, in which the years have gradually left their mark, where the slow work of nature has sculpted a genuinely magical landscape. You'll come across stalactites that are tens of metres in height, and huge caverns stretching upwards for around 100 metres! A really exotic journey awaits you at Padirac Chasm during your camping holiday. 


Le Gouffre

46500 Padirac

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