Omaha Beach Golf Club

One of the most original and fun activities to be enjoyed near our campsites in Normandy is the Omaha Beach Golf Club. Discover a place that combines sport, history and natural landscapes all at the same time.

Focus on the Omaha Beach Golf Club


The Omaha Beach Golf Club is, as its name suggests, a golf club at the gateway to Omaha Beach, the emblematic site of the Normandy landings. Its location makes it particularly special since, in addition to the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional landscape, fans of the greens will have the opportunity to test their skills in a historic setting.


Founded by a former farmer and golf enthusiast, the club is fully aware that its location connects it to the D-DAY events. That's why each of the 36 holes is named after a soldier or an American person who has played a key role in the Liberation. For example, the 1st hole is a tribute to the former military officer and President of the United States: Dwight D. Eisenhower.


In practical terms, as some will no doubt have guessed, the Omaha Beach Golf Club will offer golf enthusiasts visiting our campsites in the Calvados the chance to enjoy two 18-hole courses. This is rather unique for Western France.


It's up to you to choose between the "La Mer" course with its breath-taking view of Port-en-Bessin and its coastline and the "Le Manoir" course, with its typical Normandy scenery among the bocage, lakes and verdant plant life. Unless of course you combine both?


And, if you want to learn golf, a sport you’ve never tried before, that's not a problem. The same goes for regular players looking to add a little "fun" to their game. Omaha Beach Golf Club has a FootGolf course! This original sport takes the rules of golf but also puts your football skills to use. The aim is simple: get the ball into a hole (larger than in traditional golf of course) in as few shots as possible.


In all cases, if you spend time at our campsites in the Calvados, the Omaha Golf Club will be happy to welcome you for a fun outdoor activity in a unique setting.


La Ferme Saint Sauveur, 14520 Port-en-Bessin-Huppain

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